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PLEASE? - February 23

I know you guys dont have friends and all that, but why are you using a teenage pregnancy forum to have childish arguments? All you hear is immature, immature, immature. Sick of hearing that word.


Well.. - February 23

well well well -PLEASE?- another person a__suming what other people are and have. People come on here for supoort and not for bashing others but when some people just have had enough of some certain person she would like to tell them so . She was just emplying NOT to a__sume everyone is "little" and to give advice not what she has, e.g " i got 2 cars blah blah" Cars arnt IMPORTANT


well./ - February 23

and thats what i think tierd was trying to emply NOT to say " little girl " as it makes mommy2kylie sound like she is wisest and oldest here. People dont need critising but to be helped. That saying she keeps biggin up " If u cant take the heat...... " seriously its sounds very pathetic drop it , its all you ever seem to write in situations where you are being critised.


tired - February 23

Get it MOmmy2Kylie!!!! People are tired of your "little girl" comments........ so leave that out. They are tired of "you can't take the heat" phrases, anytime you don't like something. I'm sure you have constructive stuff to contribute......... stick to that, and leave the "att_tude" out. Thanks!


tired - February 23

Oh, Mommy2kylie....... I don't sit all the day on the computer trying to ryle people up LOL. I just wanted to hold the mirror in front of your face for a bit, so you would realize that it's time to quit talking down to others. AND you missed the point!


Jessica - February 23

I think this all started when Mommy2Kylie stated that she was tired of all the little girls or something like that on another thread under which I had also posted. I thought what she wrote was rude, and so did one other reader. So, I stated to her that if she couldnt say anything nice to someone NOT bashing people then she shouldnt say anyhting at all. She claimed she wasnt being rude. So, All i asked is that she write with a little less att_tude. She told me not to ASSUME she was being rude, then she turned around and ASSUMED i was a little girl. I know how old she is, she stated it before, I am older, and I responded maturely, I didnt cuss at her or anything like that. I just stated that she seemed like she had att_tude, and I wasnt the only one that saw it. I dont have any major issues with her, I could care less what she does in her daily life because it does not affect me, But If i come on here to read forums, maybe offer help, and I see someone being rude where it's not needed, Then i point it out. There is no need to act like that.


Mommy2Kylie - February 23

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. If someones rude to me, I will be rude back. The end. I've given A LOT of nice advice to girls, and I've stuck up for a lot of girls and all it got me was a bunch of whiney little pregnant girls jumping on my a__s because they didn't know their facts. I could careless what someone on THIS forum thinks of me. If you say you're older then me, and I called you a little girl, well then maybe you shouldn't act like a little girl and I wont call you out. I've been very nice to a lot of people. You don't go making posts to people, start more drama, and then say someone ELSE is immature. Starting a new post dedicated to someone to b___h them out and be rude to them too is pathetic, and just as bad. Ever heard of blocking or ignoring something? Obviously you CHILDREN don't understand the concept of ignoring people who bother you. (Yes I said children, because thats what you're acting like) Run along now and offer your advice. Don't sit here and dwell on how I called someone a little girl. OH NO! How dare I call someone whose acting like a little girl, a little girl. Someone should make another post for me and start some MORE drama.


tired - February 23

You simply missed the point, and that IS pathetic!!!!!! I'm done trying to talk to you *hits ignore b___ton* LOL


to MISS MATURE - February 23

Hey do you think that you act like a "little girl" ever. I vouch that you do.......... therefore quit being a hypocrite about it, and move on. You're not so grown up yourself. ENd of story


mandy - February 23

First, tired is NOT your "honey". Second, you've been far ruder in this descussion mommy2kylie than tired has..... just a point


Re mommy2kylie - February 23

the old wise mommy2kylie has spoken again, everyone listen and hear her wisdom...not likely.


Kay - February 23

Hear we go again calling people little children when although we arnt cursing at you and throwing a tantrum. HAHAH you make me laugh you say that we are children because we DONT ignore posts well what the hell are you doing ? So maybe read your post before posting because quite frankly you have just made your self look pathetic by saying that statement!


Reanna - February 23

Now im 22 years old and like to give advise out but mommy2kylie seriously your 19 ?? You could of fooled me. I have just come onto this forum and i dont know what you have done in the past but girl your last post seems more like " how you described" a little girl.


Jessica - February 23

Mommy2Kylie has made my point for me. I didnt even have to do anything. I am done with this. There is no need in this even going on anymore, She is a YOUNG teen who will see things her way and that is it. And that is fine with me =) Now I am off to help other people


hehe - February 24

Haha is mommy2kylie with her b___t kicked


It... - February 24

Lets get something straight here it started of with a discussion becasue as anybody would like to point out what everybody doesnt like. Mommy2kylie came in and just went and threw her swearing and calling us immuture girls when in fact tierd was simply implying what everybody was thinking. To be honest looking at this forum here mommy2kylie was making the drama but shouting her a__s of . We just said what we thought and asked her to stop it , when a faulty of her appers on a forum she wont take it and say " ok i wont do that " but she carries on with the swearing and name calling. Its pathetci yes but like we say when more then enough people have had enough they like to address this person to stop. Thats it no drama just "asking" her if she could cut the name calling and a__sumptions on some of these teens.



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