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x - February 9

Just a question for you, how old are you? and how many times have you been pregnant because by the sounds of it quite a few times. You seem to know everything and it's all happened to you!


tina - February 9

yea that sounds about right she reli does think she is great makin young teenage mothers to be feel upset


Hilary - February 9

Tina, I have NO CLUE what you just said...


To hilary - February 9

Maybe because the question wasnt aimed at you


yip - February 9

Im neutral


becca - February 9

hilary, ur the one thats diggin at every 1 not me just proves it now


Mommy2Kylie - February 9

First of all Tina, is probably Becca trying to make herself look like she has more people on her side. Also, I'd like you to FIND the post, and point out to me where Im making "teenage mothers upset?" The only reason Im fighting with you Becca, is because you said something rude to a teenage mother who hadn't even spoken to you. Therefor you've made an a__s out of yourself by saying that IM the one doing that. I've been pregnant, once, and I have a beautiful 3 month old. No I don't know all there is to know about pregnancy, but I read ALL the books, I go to ALL my appointments, Im a member of various Parenting please, talk some more little girl. I do EVERYTHING I can to make sure my daughter has a good life. It hasn't all happend to me, but I obviously know a lot more then you little girl. So next time you wanna call someone out on something they're not doing, make sure your slate is clean. Because you've just made a fool out of yourself, and Im sitting behind this computer LAUGHING at how pathetic you are.


x - February 9

Well a little girl is something I haven't been called before. I'm 32 and pregnant with my third child. I'm sure you give you little girl everything she needs but when you talk to girls who are confused you see black and white, there's no room for grey with you. Just because you choose to keep your baby whether she was planned or not doesn't mean that everyone should do what you have done. I also read a lot of books because I am a midwife. There is a lot to these sort of stories that can't all be said in one post, so instead of forcing your view on these girls let them tell you a little more. I've seen teen moms more often then you know.


Mommy2Kylie - February 9

Whoa, excuse me lady, first of all where did I call you little girl, I only see one post from "X" and thats this first one you made. Obviously, you have no clue who you're talking to, I am VERY VERY Pro-Choice, and think any girl should chose what she wants to do with her body, and thats no ones buisness, so I haven't a clue what you're talking about there. This started, because BECCA said something rude to a pregnant girl, who hadn't even addressed Becca, I thought it was rude, this is a forum for support, so I called her on it and now shes getting all huffy. She can get over it, and so can you. Until you know whats going on, I wouldn't open your mouth because you make an a__s out of you AND me. Thanks.


ME - February 9

This had nothing to do with opinions being forced AT ALL. This had to do with Becca being rude and being called out. Period, end of story. Buh Bye now.


Hilary - February 9

Congrats X, Im 18 pregnant with my 3rd and I think Becca is rude. Mommy2Kylie is very prochoice (Im prolife) LOL we've had debates before


M - February 10

Thanks whoever you are :) Mommy2Kylie


mommy2kylie - February 10

okay so u want to no what i sed to some one they sed that it was impossible to get pregnant at 10 and i sed its not imposible because a 5 year old got prgnant and had a healthy boy also she claimed 2 be a nurse so i said if u were a nurse u would have known that it wasnt impossible but then she later told me she ment about a 10 year old having twins so i apoligised to her as i must of miss red the post. BECCA


jewels - February 11

19 times and i am 14


becca - February 12

hilary i no u will probably take this to effence or or make it out to be something is not but i was just wondering is it not really hard with three kids at 18 and like were they planned


Mommy2Kylie - February 12

Hey, lets stop writing on all these posts now. They're done and over with, and yet people keep writing on them and calling me immature.


x - February 13

I was the one who posted to begin with so I dont understand why you brought the argument with Becca here and I dont know why she done it either. I just get the impression you are too big for your boots if you get my drift!



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