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KaseyA - October 2

Has anyone used the Plan B pill? I read all the side effects and all but just wanted to know what kind of experience someone may have had.


BabyGirl15 - October 3

Yes, i've used it. I, myself, havn't gotten sick from taking the pill. I also took gravol along with it though, which made me really drowsy , so i slept quite a bit in those two days. My doctor said i might get a period, might not. In my case i didnt get a period.


Greeklady28 - October 3

I used the plan B pill about 2 years ago when my husband's condom broke. All it did was make me a little nauseas, but that's it. It's good to have in case of incidents like that. The side effects are minimal, you should be ok.


Baliezer - October 4

I took it last month. I experianced nausea and slight cramping. My period came earlier as well. All in all, much better than a pregnancy!


sa__sychick - October 4

This might be a stupid question but do you get the pill from your doctor or over the counter at the pharmacy? Obviously I've never taken it before.


KaseyA - October 4

sa__sychick I actually got it after I had my IUD removed from planned parenthood. After I had my daughter I had alot of left over condoms from there and a couple packs of the Plan B. It reallly sets your mind at ease when you just have it on hand, just in case you get worried or what not.


Baliezer - October 4

It's over the counter if you are over 18. You have to go directly to the pharmacist and ask for it. Personally I think anyone should have access to it.


lil-miss-saunders - October 5

Im not sure how it is where you are sa__sychick but where i am you can either make an appointment to see your doctor and get the Plan B Pill for free, although if you're young you will most probably get a lecture too. Or you can buy it over the counter at your local pharmacey but it is quite expensive.



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