Morning After Pill While Pregnant So Confused Help Please

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Sarah - October 20

please help what would happen if yuou took the morning after pill while pregnant? because i did and now i had cramp the same night and felt sick n i dnt knw for sure i am (was) pregnant but what would happen helpp please


mina - October 20

i dont believe this question. how did you get this pill in the first place? if it was from a dr or clinic they certainly would have given you a pg test to be sure you were pregnant and detailed instructions on what to expect after consumption. if this is a legitimate question-fine. but please dont waste the time and energy of people that here really trying to help all of the young beautiful girls that truly need it. god bless


Sarah - October 20

i didn't tell the nurse i thought i was pregnant so what could happen? ive tok the morning after pill n still get cramp last night it was sore but today its okay please answer


mina - October 20

sarah, i really dont know. you should've told the nurse but its too late now. you should really contact the office and tell them your situation so they can help you. i really wouldn't get yourself too upset because you will be ok. it sounds as if you really dont want to be pregnant so the worse that can happen now is you might misscarry if you are pregnant. hopefully you were not pregnant in the first place. please, please use protection if you are going to be s_xually active-and not just because of birth control issues-honestly that is the least of what could happen. the morning after pill is not a form of birth control!! good luck!


angel - October 20

hi my friend did the same thing and it forced a period that could be the cramps... if you were or thought you were pregnant you should go get checked out at the dr i dont think the pill works once ur pregnant so u should get checked jut in case good luck


Sarah - October 20

could i test ? or how long do i have to wait?


Grandpa Viv - October 20

The nurse should have given you a preg test before giving you EC. EC can throw your system into a loop - wait for a couple of weeks and things should get back to normal. Just in case, take a preg test a week after you originally expected your period. Good luck!


Sarah - October 20

Granpa Viv, i never told her i thought i was pregnant


to sarah - October 21

that was stupid not telling the doctor phone up and see but i don't think much can happen good luck


Rachel - October 21

I'm not sure if I'm right or not, but I've taken EC before, and I thought I'd read in the instructions that if you're already pregnant, it won't do anything. But I haven't taken it for a long time. The nurse should have at least asked you when the last time you had s_x was. Cuz by the way you're talking, it was way too late for you to take it anyways if you thought you were pregnant.


Sarah - October 21

i meen i had had s_x earlier in the month that i thought i was pregnant from n just was worried incase anything could happen because i still have cramp somethings and when i eat certain things i feel really ill


ugh - October 21

call the doctors... they are the ones who can help you


to ugh - October 21

thats not very nice the young girl is in need of help be nice ! some much should happen darling good luck young one


Angel - October 23

Ok if you had s_x at the beginning of the month and you went to the docs half way through and got the m.a.p then you would easily be pregnant. If you were pregnant, you generally wouldnt be experiencing morning sickness yet, that normally happens after 4-5 weeks pregnant.Hope this helps. I'd say you weren't but go and get checked, at least do it for the kids sake (if there is one)



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