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baby2257 - May 23

im 10 weeks preg. i have had no morning it ok just asking if other people didnt have any


midnight_drift - May 23

TRUST ME IT'S A GOOD THING! Oh you are so lucky, I'm jealous! I have horrible nausea since week 5-6!!!


Teen_Mommy - May 23

I had a m/c last year and I had bad morning sickness. I am now 5 weeks and 3days pregnant and I haven't had any morning sickness. My older sister never had any morning sickness when she was pregnant with my nephew. So you are lucky!


midnight_drift - May 23

Teen_mommy, I hope you aren't implying that morning sickness means you might have a m/c, because it doesn't. The post is just slightly unclear, I'm not trying to sound mean, so I apologize if I did. =) Congrats on the pregnancy!


baby2257 - May 23

just woundering if anything was wrong because i heard that morning sickness means everything is ok


maren - May 24

hey dont worry about the morning sickness thing i didnt get it at all and im 34 weeks pregnant with a healthy little baby


EricaLynn - May 24

Its totally normal to not have it, most women do but some, like you get lucky. I have alot of nausia also, no throwing up but I always feel sea sick. Your lucky, enjoy it!


EricaLynn - May 24

Wow Maren your almost there are you totally excited!


krista-lee - May 24

i never had sickness till about 16 weeks in my pregnancy, i due this friday the 26th : ]


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 25

I am 39 weeks pregnant and threw up every day until the beginning of my eighth month. Now I am just nauseated every morning, but it goes away after I eat or drink something. I had to start taking Nexium because I gave myself bleeding ulcers in my stomach from throwing up every day. Consider yourself very lucky.


Jamie-Lee - May 26

I don't get sick very much either.I feel sick quite a bit but I don't actually throw up.I find that eating small frequent meals helps instead of only three big meals.Don't eat anything spicy,I know I can't or else I'll have heartburn really bad.Good luck.If you want to see my ultrasound pics go to and click on "my pregnancy timeline".



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