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angelmonkey - June 21

ok well the last 4mornings i felt so sick and then yesterday i was sick at work so i was like great the morning sickness is kicking in and then today i was absolutly fine! no nausea nothing! is that normal? for those of you that dont know im 6 weeks pregnant


ColtonsMommy07 - June 21

yeah it is normal morning sickness comes and goes i had it the whole time when i was pregnant


angelmonkey - June 21

yeh i know about the coming and going i get it all day lol but its just so strange that i felt absolutly fine!! when for about the last week i felt sick every now and then but not actually sick and then the last 4days i felt like really sick on and off all day to the point where i had to sit in the bathroom and then yesterday i was sick and to day im fine, its just a bit starnge to me


ColtonsMommy07 - June 21

yeah i hated being sick when i was not getting sick i was releaved


amanda17 - June 21

I really don't know why they even call it morning sickness. It happens whenever it feels like it, there's really no pattern to it and no particular time it comes. You should feel lucky yours goes away at all, I had it non stop until I hit 18 weeks, then it came back (to a lesser degree) at 27.


AddysMummy - June 22

XP XP ! You feel my pain that's for sure lol. I drink ginger ale. It seems to help!


HeavenisMine - June 22

Welcome to the club. I am twelve weeks on tuesday, and have been ill since day one! And the best part is, almost nothing helps! :)


PreciousBaby19 - June 22

I feel for you, morning sickness sucks cracker jacks. Lol. but i suggest saltinesssss..they used to help me. although i dunno if they are in the u.k...i tried to find them once but it was futile....hmm...crackers?


angelmonkey - June 23

thanks for your replys, well i still have not had it since! yeh amanda i know what you mean i felt sick all day for 5days then friday was sick about 10am and i,ve been fine since! i just wondered if it was normal to like get it for a week and then it disapear! well omg i am 6weeks today and i have put on 6lb! they say you put about 5lb on in the whole 1st tri lol! im defo showing! my mum said she looked about 6months and 3months the bottom part of my belly like below my belly botton is hard and is far out past my hip bones! i hope its only one lol


PreciousBaby19 - June 23

I think you'll be alright. some people just get bigger faster. or maybe you'll get bigger the first tri and then not anybigger in the its weird but everyone is different. =) hopefuly you wont get too big otherwise you'll have to get on the treddy while you stil have the kiddo in ya. heh


angelmonkey - June 24

lol i wen ton my mums yesterday and she just said it wont make any difference if if im getting fat because of the baby lol! well my mum put on 4 or 5 stone in her last pregnancy so if im the same im defo guna have to be on the tred mill lol


socurbaby7 - June 24

your lucky ur morning sickness has ended... i had horrible morning sickness till about 6 months... i didnt show til about 8 months that i was preggo... and i didnt look preggo til 42 weeks (2 weeks over due).. but the baby was 8lbs 3 oz... so the baby will always get everything it needs even if u dont


youlickwindows - June 24

It's weird how it comes and goes, sometimes it will go for a few days then come back with a vengeance. Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones and that was it for you!


angelmonkey - June 24

well i felt sick all day today, my mum saod if you eat a ginger biscuit 1st thing in the morning it will help so i bought some today hopefully they work, sometimes the baby sits behind the ribs or something like that thats why you hear about women who give bitrh on the loo and didnt know they were even pregnant and stuff like that lol



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