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=o( - September 2

WOW! The immaturity on this site at the moment astounds me, I can not beleive half the things I am reading. When did a teen pregnancy forum become so against supporting and even LISTENING you young girls in a crisis?? I cant beleive the things that people would write on here, just so they can be heard? This is a teen pregnancy message board for crying out loud! And when you click onto this link you are basically going to expect threads from young girls who are pregnant!!!!! If you are against this... what the h__l are you doing here? When a young girl finds out she is pregnant, the last thing she needs is c__p from peopl without a concience... and the funny thing is everytime I read about a girl at 14,15,16 or even 17 becomming pregnant... do you know what they usually are worried about most??? How their parents are going to react!!!! Do you have any idea what harsh judgement can do to a person? Obviosly not, as you still continue to write dribble and swear your head off just so you can belittle some poor,scared girl who already has enough on her plate.....


brittany - September 1

that was a really nice 16 and will be 17 soon and am 5 months pregnant and i tried to post something and got completely bashed for making my life sound too good..but your post is comforting to a lot of girls in similar situations im sure :o) thanks


ummm..... no - September 1

blah blah. if they are so worried they should NOT have been spreading their legs, END OF STORY! Why dont you support their welfare children?


Shana - September 2

At last, someone who actually gets it!!! Bravo!! Maybe if more people were supportive, then half this stuff may not be such a big issue!! Thanks!


Katie - September 2

You have to understand =o( that by being "nicey nice" to these young girls you are encouraging their lifestyle of unprotected s_x and motherhood under the age of 16. Children SHOULD NOT be having children. I would be motified if my mother was 12/13/14 when she had me. Young girls CANNOT be mothers! These girls have to realise that what they have done is VERY VERY VERY WRONG!! Not only are they having s_x at a ridiculous age, they are getting pregnant and then bragging about it - I find this very disturbing! YES give them advice, such as do this, that and the other. YES you shouldn't use crude language towards them, but I also think YES people have the right to tell them that they think they've been very silly and immature and should think about how they ruined their life. I find it incredible IGNORANT of you to say that 14/15/16/17 years old are scared and worried when they are pregnant - EVERYONE KNOWS THAT s_x LEADS TO PREGNANCY. There's no such thing as an immaculate conception!!!!! Most of these girls admit to having unprotected s_x and if you are prepared to take the risk then you should be prepared to face the consequences. If you don't want to have to go to your mum and dad and say "I'm pregnant" then DO NOT have unprotected s_x!!!!! Teenage girls are very fertile and can get pregnant very easily - hence why a lot of them get pregnant the "first" time. GROW UP =o( for gods sake!!!!! This is the real world - get usd to it!!!!!


!! - September 2

Hear hear Katie, well said. I'm fed up of people on here telling everyone to be supportive and nice to these girls. As ummm..... no said, if they don't want to get pregnant they should not be spreading their legs open.


brittany - September 2

i wasnt scared of telling my parents at all, i knew i had made a mistake and i knew i HAD to tell them...NOT EVERYONE HAS UNPROTECTED s_x...I SURELY DIDNT..oh and (!!) dont be a dumba__s..this is called a teen pregnancy forum-i highly doubt the web masters made it as a site to bash young girls..they did it as a support and help system


Viv - September 2

I agree with =0( . This is a place where girls come because they have no support anywhere else. They need a hug and some sympathy, and perhaps some constructive advice for the future. Those who want to vent should be venting at our society, the parents, the schools and the government for failing their tasks.


Cory - September 2

You have all missed the point. A forum is for opinions. Opinions do not necessarily mean for or in support of you. If you want someone to agree w/you or only be supportive then talk to a mirror. It is much easier. If you don't want to hear both sides, negative and/or positive you should not post.



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