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nickol - August 7

At 17, clearly i was doing things that i shouldn't have been, cuz well, i'm 38 weeks now lol. My problem is that I was doing it with someone that i should not have been in contact with. The father of my child is a 24 yr old registered s_x offender. I turned 18 in may, but i have some concerns about how it's going to affect my child. I've heard things such as "he's not going to be able to be alone with her until she's 18." It makes sence i guess, but i'm desperatly hoping it isn't true. Since we found out he's been absolutley amazing to me. We've lived together for about a year now and he's the one paying bills. My parent's have accepted him and all that jazz (which i never thought would happen) But my question for you guys... do you know the effects of having a registered s_x offender as a father? I'm currious to find out so i can see if there's steps to be taken before she arrives.


AddysMummy - August 7

You'd let a registered s_x offender around your CHILD? That's messed up. Really is. Same thing happened to a friend of mine and he ended up molesting their child too. You're really .... just wow.


amanda17 - August 7

Yeah you don't want him around your kid. I don't care how "great" he is. Keep him away, thank god that law is there if it is.


V9653 - August 8

Well here is the thing-what is his crime? Because honestly there ARE guys out there who are registered s_x offenders for being 20 and having consensual s_x with their 16 year old girlfriend, or even more innocent is 18 and having s_x with their 16 year old girlfriend. So if it is a crime like that then I don't see a problem. If it was for being 20 and having s_x with a 12 year old or molesting an 8 year old, or rape....ummm that's a problem and I agree with the other girls-why would you want him around your child. The thing is if he has been convicted of a pedophile type crime then he is a pedophile which means he has strong urges to molest young children, it could be your baby or the little best friend of your child years from now. Love makes you blind and please don't be in a situation like that, because you will be an accomplice and will have to live the rest of your life knowing what you did. If it is the first case I mentioned then it shouldn't be a problem. The thing you need to do is find out about his case and the judges ruling. If he was categorized at the level where they said he had to stay a certain distance from children of a certain age, or couldn't be alone with children then you have to follow it....or don't follow it and if someone catches wind of it then he will go to jail. It's as simple as that.


V9653 - August 8

Oh yeah, I understand you love this guy, but if he is guilty of a s_x crime on pedophile level and you try to stick by him even though he has been forbidden from being around children, you could lose your baby in some states if you insist on being with him. I have heard of women in situations like yours and the man didn't molest the child, but got busted for either being around young children or some molested other children, and when they found out their was a woman in the house with a man, and with a small child it was deemed something like negligence for putting the child in a possible harmful environment. For the ones where the guy didn't touch the child, the mothers got them back when they moved out, severed ties and got on their own two feet-while the unlucky one I saw who's child was molested, she still hasn't gotten her child back! So if it is a severe case you are gonna have to make the decision, him or your baby.


lunamoo - August 8

THE DRUMS ARE STILL ROLLING.....what is he registered for?!?!?


amanda17 - August 8

What state do you live in? I mean I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 19 but there's a three-year rule.


nickol - August 8

It was either NC or SC. i get the two backwards all the time. But we're living in Idaho now


amanda17 - August 8

Umm that's interesting because the age of consent in NC is 16 and it's 14 in SC....


angelmonkey - August 8

and he wouldn,t of been put on the s_x offender register for 5years and still be on it it would be more like 3 years? surley?


amanda17 - August 9

Yeah I was thinking that too angel, it seems a bit harsh for just statutory rape. I'm pretty sure he's lying.


Teddyfinch - August 9

duuuuude. nickol, i'm pretty sure s_x offenders can't be around kids alone if at all until they're 18. and of course this weirdo's being wonderful. he wants you to believe he'll be a great guy so you leave your kid alone with him. he's a s_x "offender" for a reason. you need to call police and start there. they can tell you who to talk to from there. but i kind of hope this guy goes to jail for statutory because he was preying on a 17 year old.


nickol - August 9

it hurts to hear, but thank u for the opinions. I guess there are more bases i need to check into on this. I was looking for honest answers because i clearly love the guy and its hard for me to think that he's anything short of amazing. and honestly, what teenage girl doesn't want to thing she's with a prince charming. But for the good of my daughter i really shouldn't be so nieve about it


amanda17 - August 9

I'm glad you took our advice seriously and will not remain blind to him. Good luck and congratulations on your daughter.



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