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FED UP!!!!! - May 5

Ok.. my baby daddy, come around 2 times a week or maybe 3.. n liike he p___ses me off.. he jus shows up n never calls.. n wen he tells me hes coming over to see her, he never shows up n i call n call n he never answers.. is there anyway.. i can get full custody of her... so he can be completely out of her life n mine for good!!! u kno i love him.. n hes jus makin it harder for me to get over him... n also i dunt wunt him to confuse her.. cuz everytime he comes over.. n he hold her.. she jus cries liike sumones killin her!! (shes 2 month by da way) so.. my question is.. can i stop him from seeing her.. and can i get full custody.. i wuld really appreciate ur time!! thanks! n good luck 2 all!


Lisa - May 6

Its obvious your baby's father has no consideration for your feelings. I would confront him about this next time you see him and tell him that if he really cares for his daughter, then he should make more of an effort to be consistent when he visits. You would probably need to take him to court and get a court order to prevent him from seeing her, but that is difficult if he doesn't pose a threat to your safety or the baby's safety. Alternatively, make an agreement that suits you both, agree on a day and time he can come to see her and have it signed by a magistrate to make it a legal agreement. It costs a lot of money to go to court, in some cities here (Australia) they provide free legal services to single mums and those who are on a government benefit. Try to find out if there is a free legal aid service where you live and have someone help you begin the process of custody of her. This will minimise the stress on you, which is something you can definitely do without at this time, dealing with a new baby is difficult enough!! Good luck


manda - May 6

you shouldnt stop your babys dad from seeing her,one day you might have to explain to your little girl that its your fault that she never got to know her daddyi i know it must be hard for you having feelings for him still,but dont punish your daughter for whats happened between you two.....good luck.


Advice - May 10

Dont let him see her if he is gonna be like that. You dont have to play this game with him. Keep a bag and car seat handy for the times he just showes up. Let ya parents know what is going on with him, and tell them hes gotta shape up or ship out! Hopefully they will comply and help ya out by running out the door with the lil one do take care of some errends. Hell either get the hint, or youll have to feed it to him! He cant come and go as he pleases. Even infants have a schedule!


FED UP!!!!! - May 12

thanks girls!! i really appreciate it!! well he jus started a new job so he works liike 10 hour days... so he def now doesnt have time for her..ill let him see her wen ever he feeld like then but i wen she grows up n asks me one day "wheres mah daddy" i am goin to tell her the complete honest trusth... ur daddy was ttoo busy drinking so he didnt se e you!! n i will tell her that i will not lie to mah baby!!! (hes 21 by da way)!! well newayz thanks!!!


Patricia - May 13

I am in the same situation as you. But you should let him see the baby, as long as he is treating the baby right. It is not the babys fault was is going on with you and him. She deserves to have a daddy. Hopefully one day he will change. Unfortunatly, most 21 year old men are still immature. Hopefully he matures and becomes a real man.


tiana - May 19

i think u should give it time


FED UP!!! - May 27

Well everything seems to be gettin alot better..we talked one day.. n he apologized for everything.. he is now comin around more.. actually he comes over everyday.. n shes now smilin and gigglin n cooing.. n she luvs her daddy, she smiles everytime she hears his voice.. n everytime he picks her up she starts to coo at him!! its sooo wonderful... n were workin things out 2! were tryin to be friends first n den get back in2 it!! it makes me a little happy.. i jus wunt our little fammily to be complete u see??? THANKS ALL!!! GOOD LUCK MUAHz


lilli - May 28

well first its not about u its about the bby now u have a kid ur kid comes first dont keep her away from her dad its not her fault shes in the world now it will only hurt her if u do that to ehr but watever thats u just get over him obviously hes a jerk n u dont need him in ur life but ur daughter does


Ora - June 3

I am going through the same situation. And you just gotta let him know what's up and how you feel, whether he wants to hear it or not because you got enough stress being a mom you don't need no BS from him stressing you out. You want him there but if he gone play games then to hell with him.


? - June 3

Why dont people bother to read all the posts?



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