My Baby S Father Is 18 And I M Only 13

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Mai - July 30

Well you see I was over my friend's house and she said she had to leave for a music lesson at on of her parent's friends house which is about a block away from her home. She said I could stay there with my 18 year old brother since my parents weren't home and I hate being at home alone. So I stayed with her really hot brother who happened to be fooling around with his guitar. I was in my friends room and he came in and and sat next to me. I'm really deeloped and look like I'm about twenty because people think my little baby sister is my daughter. Anyway we started to flirt and he was telling me how pretty I was and before long I was naked on the bed and we were having s_x. It's been about three months since then and I'm pregnant. I'm really afraid to tell my parents that I had s_x with my friend's 18 year old brother and I'm worried they'll charge him and get him put in jail. I wouldn't want it to be my fault my friend's family is broken apart. So I just told them I don't know who the father is. Their getting suspicious though because I have a habit of lying and the thing is I can fool anyone except them when it comes to that. What should I do?


Mai - July 30

And just because I said I had a habit of lying doesn't mean I'm lying about this.


Mai - July 30

I really need advice here people.


Jessie - July 30

Im not going to say you have problems or anything because your 13 and had s_x with an 18 year old...when i was 13 i lost my virginity to a 20 year old...when your 13 your very confused...the baby's father can't suport you from jail....and im sure your parents will probably see that....according to the law what yall did was rape....but if you consented then to you it wasn't....I dont think they can get very far charging him with rape..and im not sure why they would want to put your babys father in jail...eventually tho your parents will find out who the father thing is the truth and make sure that they know your feelings about him going to jail and your friends family being ruined..


Mai - July 30

I really do want to tell them, but I don't know how. I'm sure my friends brother will know it's his when he finds out and I really don't want him to know so he won't get in trouble. I'm scared. My parents were angry enough whe they found out I was pregnant. I'm afraid what they'll think when they find out I'm pregnant by a 18 year old boy.


blair - July 31

hey i totally beleive you and you have to tell your parents does the father know? becusae b4 long your will be big and there will be no way of hiding it talk to the father and ask him to help you tel ur friend and your parents beucase is u wait to long abortions are way harder and also your parents will start to suspect somthing.


Mai - July 31

I would never even consider an abortion. I think even thoguh it's not born that it is a living thing and I would feel like a murderer if I got rid of it. I want to tell the father and my friend, but I don't know how to approach him.


shante - July 31

yep that soundz like me too its a sticky situation, but the thing is your family will be angry with you but they will always be there for you as for the 18 yr old you would want to lie about his age or say you dont kno who the father is because he will go to jail...d__n it sucks


2Mai - July 31

Its not rape, its called statutory rape even though you consented to it. You are a minor and incapable of "consenting" to s_x according to the law. He can be charged as a "s_x offender" and will need to register every year for the rest of his life and considered a felony. Your parents will find out sonner of latter but will ultimately be their decision to press charges...He's 18 and shouldn't be having s_x with a 13 year old. Good Luck.


Jbear - August 1

The guy really took advantage of you. An 18 year old has a lot more experience with life than a 13 year old. He gave you a couple of compliments and then got you shouldn't be trying to protect him. This baby is going to complicate your life for at least the next 18 years, longer than you've even been alive. If you never tell anyone who the father is, then you're not going to get child support from him. Your life is going to be hard enough, is it fair that he took advantage of you and then you have to deal with the consequences of it and he has no worries? And what will you tell your baby, when he or she is old enough to ask who their daddy is? Are you going to tell your child you don't know, too? I think you should definitely tell your parents. As a mother, I would have a lot more sympathy toward you in your circ_mstances than I would if my daughter was 13 and slept around so much she didn't know who the father of her child was. As a mother, I would also want to see some legal action against the 18 year old for ruining my daughter's life, or at least seriously messing it up for her.


Mai - August 1

I thank you for all your help and after reading your post this morning I decided to tell my mother and father who the baby's father was. Yes they were a little upset, but like you said he was eighteen and they had comfort in nowing that I was sleeping around. I decided I would keep the baby. I know I'm young even though by the time it's born I'll be fourteen. Well I think I need to get going, the next six months are going to be hard on me and by the way my mother is ranting on and on I think she's thinking of charging him. This is not what I wanted, but I guess it is somewhat my fault.


2mai - August 1

Well good luck. The hardest thing was telling your parents, take care :)


Jbear - August 2

Mai, none of this is your fault. You were taken advantage of. The man who fathered your baby knew what he was doing, but you're just a child who shouldn't be blaming yourself for the situation. If you want to keep your mom from pressing charges, tell her it will be hard to get child support from the guy if he's in jail, and that if he becomes a registered s_x offender, it could make it harder for him to get a job or could affect his earning potential, and then you won't get as much child support. Tell her also that you're not after the money, but since your parents will have to bear some of the financial burden of providing for your baby, at least for four or five years, the child support would be helpful to the entire family.


jenny - August 3

if you consented no one is going to jail i did it with my boyfriend he was 18 and i was 15 and we have a baby together they cant charge him unless you didnt approve it


Kayse - August 3

Jenny where do yo u live?


To jenny - August 4

the difference is your 15, she is 13. This is considered s_xual a__sault of a minor. Her drs are required by law to report this. 13 is below the age of consent in all of the US.


that being said - August 4

he will be in trouble or should be. i find it hard to believe that he didn't know how young you were. Why would a 20 yr old be hanging out with his younger sister? You were taken advantage of plan and simple.



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