My Belly 2 Big

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unsure_baby16 - May 18

hi every one guess what? I found out that I'm pregnant I'm a month pergnant 4 and a half weeks but it lookes like I'm 2 or 3 is that normal ? I'm 16 and is it normal to have cramping at 4 weeks pregnant could my uterus be straching this early ? plz reply I'm concerned and any Ideas how I should tell parents? thanks ppl


Mandy1984 - May 19

yeah the cramping is normal, but should it get really painful then you should call a doc. as for looking pregnant its probably trapped wind or you could be bloated. Your uterus stays hidden and protected behind your pubic bone until around 12weeks so its impossible for it to stick out. Early on in my pregnancies I was SOOOOOOO bloated my tummy was that big I looked 5 mths pregnant!! lol I'm 20 weeks now and I think I look smaller now than I did when I was bloated at 6 weeks lol GOOD LUCK with the rest of your pregnancy. As for telling your parents sometimes it best to just say it, get it over and done with, or write a letter, or ask an aunt/sister ect... to say for you


AMS82 - May 19

I am 23 with no children, 2 of my bestest friends have children. One had her's when she was 15 the other @ 16. From their experience, they just came out and told their parents. It is probably the best thing to do is just get it out early that way they have time to be angry & disappointed and then they will be more accepting the further long you get. You don't want to be stressed out during your pregnancy,its not healty for you or your baby. Is the baby's father involved? If,so, maybe you both should sit down and talk to your parents together. You could always write a letter like Mandy1984 said and give it to your parents before you go to school or something that way they have calmed down a little bit by the time you get home.. :) Good Luck and Health to you and your baby.


corinne - May 19

Ok weren't you on here a while ago saying that you were wanting to get pregnant? Now that you are from expextedly getting pregnant you now you want to know how to tell your parents. Well why didn't you have that it your plan? I'm sorry if you find me to be rude but you did get pregnant on purpose, and you did have a (plan) so why wasn't telling your parents in part of that plan?


unsure_baby16 - May 19

no , I wasn't not trying to get pregnaant sorry for the confusion I let my cousin post on my account because she is not resigtered for this site and she posted that forum sorry guys but I wasn't tryna get pregnant my cousin was lol sorry I just found out I was pregnant and it was unplanned


midnight_drift - May 19

Well, I'd write a letter to your mom or dad, depending on who your closer to. And you are probably bloated. I started to get a little poochieness around a month and a half, but before I was bloated and I looked bigger, then it went away. It could also just be retained water. Now if I wear a tight shirt you can see me a tiny bit bigger, so I'd say if you are only a month and 4 weeks, you are getting CLOSE to being a little big... so I don't know, for you, it may just be that you got bigger, earlier. Good luck with telling the parents, I would write a letter saying that you need your moms help badly, and that you are very sorry, it was unplanned, if you have to stretch the truth a bit, do it... not to encourage lying, but with this situation, it's a little hard....


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 19

I found out when I was 4 and a 1/2 weeks too. I had a lot of cramping. I went to the health department and made sure I was pregnant. They gave me a sheet of paper that said I was pregnant, and that night I gave it to my parents. The earlier you tell them the better.


quinnies_mommy - May 20

when I found out I was pregnant, I told my aunt. I trusted her and I knew she wouldnt tell my grandparents, but would help me tell them. I suggest telling someone you trust, and having them be with you when you tell your parents. that way you have support. Like a family member, or a friends parent, or teacher, or someone like that. It was a lot easier knowing that Amber was there to support not only me, but also them.


les22 - May 21

you were 13 weeks pregnant in april and now you are only four weeks??? dont bother replying to her posts cos she is a liar. if you dont believe me have a look at her previous posts


Lauz - May 21

i just told my parents out right, other ways of doing it are leaving clues like a pregnancy test or telling a teacher and getting them to ring home or even writing a letter.However i think its better coming from you! good luck xxx


Evonna - May 21

First you were 13 weeks pregnant, then you didn't even know if you were pregnant or not, now your 4 1/2 weeks pregnant? what the hell are you trying to pull you grown a__s h__y old man..


unsure_baby16 - May 21

What ? I'm am not a man , I was 13 weeks pregnant but I miscarried then I thought I might be preggy soon after I m/c and on mother's day I found out I waspreggy I went to the do and they said I was 4 weeks and a half preggy , I'm not trying to play any games I just haven't been updated on this site 4 a while


les22 - May 21

if you were 13 weeks when you said you were then it is physically impossible for you to be 4 weeks pregnant. we are pregnant women. we know a thing or 2 about pregnancy


unsure_baby16 - May 21

I am pregnant , howw is it physically impossible? I miscarried at 13 weeks and then go pregnant again and now I'm almost 5 weeks monday


les22 - May 21

17th april you are 13 weeks, 19th may you are 4.5 weeks. you also do not find out how far along you are til you get a scan if you have had a miscarriage. you would not have a normal period and therefore have not ovulated. you would also still be bleeding and grieving over the loss of a pregnancy so it is doubtful you would even want to have s_x.


les22 - May 21

you would have gotten pregnant for the secound time when you were already pregnant ! cant you count!


unsure_baby16 - May 21

I'm just going by with what my doc told me okay!!? and if you want u can take it up with him because he'll let you know I am indeed pregnant



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