My Best Friend Will Kill Me

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melanie - September 28

well, my best friends boyfriend blackmailed me into having s_x with him. i relly, really didnt want to do it. he said that he'd tell everyone one of my biggest secret.i dont know how he found out. if my parents found outwhat is was it would ruin everything for i slept with him. well, my best friend will do anything he says, and hes the only guy that she's ever really he'll be able to twist evrything around back on me. i think im pregnant. i dont know what to do cuz i already applied to some colleges, and im 16. i have the feeling im pregnant because ive been getting headaches, and ive been throwing up a lot, and i have these wierd mood swings, and i usually have my period for about 5 days, but it lasted about 1 day, and that was in like in the beginning of august, and now its completely gone.


Megan - September 28

Take a Test. If you need to talk my e-mail is [email protected] maybe I can help you sort things out with your friend.


porsha - October 15

wow. just tell your friend the truth. if she was really a friend she'd believe you. i really dont know how bad the secret was, so i cant really say anything else


Jade - October 15

To Shorty: I think your answer was a little harsh. The girl came on here for help and all you did was put her down. No, people can't force you to do anything against your will... but people do get blackmailed everyday. Secrets can be a hard thing... especially if they are bad enough. What about s_xual a__sult/abuse? Or maybe a disease? People don't want others to know about those types of thing because they don't want to be looked at differently. Yes, she made a mistake by sleeping with him, but at least she's strong enough to ask for help now that she's realized she could be in really big trouble.


Jade - October 15

And as for you Melanie, you made a big mistake by sleeping with him but that's ok. We all make mistakes. If we didn't, this forum wouldn't exist. The best thing you can do is take an HPT and come clean with your best friend. If she's really your best friend, she will believe and forgive you. If not, is she really worth it? I wish you the best of luck.


Daile - October 16

Porsha and Jade--although I agree with what you are saying, it really isn't very likely to work that way. In a perfect world, her best friend would stand beside her and give up the guy for her (and she would give up the guy too). However, coming from someone who has been in a similar situation, it is very hard to forgive someone who says they are your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend. And as unfair as it may be, she will probably be blamed for it, not him. Blackmail does happen, and I don't blame Melanie for what she did, but realistically, she more than likely just lost her best friend by doing that.


Jade - October 16

Daile-That's very true. But I still believe that the best thing to do would be to come clean with her best friend. It may be hard to forgive her best friend, but I've been in the postion that her best friend is in (not Melanie's position). My best friend betrayed me and hurt me badly, but I was able to forgive her and now our friendship is stronger than ever! But, whatever she decides to do (come clean or keep it a secret), is up to her. Hear that Melanie? The decision is up to you. Gook luck girl!


Shorty - October 17

To Jade, get a life, I was not bagging her, you obviously cant read or understand constructed sentences, and are not mature enough to comprehend, responsibility and sorting things out in a mature an adult way. So hows that for harsh?????


Sarah - October 18

The stories on this website always sound so bogus. I don't know any 16 yr old that is that stupid. C'mon now.


Jade - October 18

To Shorty: If you want to talk about understanding and constructing completely and grammatically correct sentences, maybe you should go back and read the first sentence of your last statement. And as for being mature, I only stated my opinion about how harsh you sounded, telling her that she's dug a "bigger hole" and stuff like that. I wouldn't get so defensivie... that temper could get you into a lot of trouble someday. And to Sarah: Actually, I know a person that something like this happened to. She didn't end up pregnant (thank God), but things like this actually do happen. So, unless you know for a fact that this is "bogus," I wouldn't judge. Even if it is, at least we're trying to help.


Dear Meline, - October 18

Well first of all you are gunna have to tell your friend sonner or later because secrets never stay secrets!! And if she finds out from some one else she will be evan more mad!! But do what your hart tells you to dont listen to me or anyone else. Ummm well I hope collage is still a oppertunity for you!! BEST OF LUCK!!!


To Jade - October 18

You really need to get a life!! You must be menstrating this week to be so uptight and sensitive, or if this is the real you all the time... I am sorry for whoever occupies a space with you.


Shorty - October 18

But Jade... you say you are not judging and would not dare, but you have already judged me.. gee thats pretty hippocritical now isnt it. Maybe young girls such as yourself should stop playing the victim and actually take responsibility for your actions instead of palming them off on someone else and expecting sympathy. No matter what, you are responsible for your own actions!!! Get that thru!!


Jade - October 18

To Shorty: I never said I was judging you. All I said is that I believe you're being a little harsh on the girl. Once again, it's an opinion. Yes, these girls need to take responsibility for their actions, but you needn't be so harsh about it. But to talk about judging, you don't know me... so how can you know how old I am or if I'm taking "responsibility" for my actions? And I never said that I wouldn't dare judge a person... I'm just as guilty of judging people as you. I just think that we should try to be a little more understanding and a little less judgmental. I just think that you're being a little harsh, that's all. Oh, and yes, I'm menstrating. Does that make you happy? And I am neither uptight nor sensitive... I'm just stating an opinion- my opinion. I'm sorry if you don't like it.


Jade - October 18

And Melanie, how are things going for you? Have you talked to you friend yet? And have you taken and HPT? I hope you're doing ok!


melanie - October 19

oh my God! i started to tell her, but she got into this whole " oh my gosh, josh( her boyfriend) is so romantic. he's the best thing ive ever had" speech. i mean, ever since they started dating, he's all she ever talks about. and just to be clear, i do realize what i did was very, very stupid, but i thought i didnt have a choice. havent you ever had one of those times where you were so panicky you couldnt think? i am so scared. this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life. i mean, i CAN NOT have a baby. i mean, i cant afford that i think about it, i really dont think my best friend will ever forgive me. i dont have to tell her, do i? shell be heartbroken, but i know she'll blame it on me. i gotta go. my dad's calling me.


Jade - October 19

Melanie, of course you don't have to tell her sweetie. It's ok. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting a secret to come out and doing anything to hide it. You panicked and you weren't thinking strait... unfortunately, you ended up getting burnt. Yes, you made a very big mistake and I'm glad that you can see that, but you're life isn't ruined. Thinking that can only cause problems. I'm a__suming that you've taken an HPT? If you haven't you need to do that soon... and if you are, you need to get to the doctors. I can't stress it enough, if you decide to have this baby, whether you keep him/her or give him/her up for adoption, you need to get prenatal care and soon! If you don't want to have the baby, you can always have an abortion (as long as you're not too far along... having an abortion later in a pregnancy can be dangerous for you). Remember, nobody can make this decision for you. We can all give you advice and tell you what we would do, but YOU are the one that is going to have to live with your decision. Good luck and God bless.



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