My Bf Hits Me And I Think I Might Be Pregnant

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girlygirl - November 22

my bf is leaving me for 45 days and today is last day with him and i might be pregnant and all he dose is smoke weed with his friends and i'm left geting hurt when i go and try to tell somebody what he is doing and i always get smacked or hit by him and i might be pregnant what ca i do??????????


J - November 22

Break up with him and tell ur parents.


redeem - November 22

leave him quickly. I know you love him, but if he beats you, even if in a weed stupor, it's not good for you or your baby. You've got to get out of there quick;y.


HaYlee - November 23

honestly my boyfriend used to hit me and push, spit in my face everything and was because of drugs. So i know that its going to be very hard but get out of the relationship..its for the best, ive been there!! goodluck!


X - November 23

He's a waste of space, stop letting him do this to you. Get away from him. If you are pregnant, he doesn't deserve a child and won't be any use to you anyway seeing as he is a total druggie loser.


Wylie - November 23

You deserve it for being weak.


unknown - November 23

tell him and don't stand for the abuse!


guy - November 25

wow, why do women get attracted to idiots like that? I just work and go to school getting my degree in IT and you all think im a nerd, at least i'm already making 3k a month, watever, glad my ex set me up, if she didn't i would of made a promise to god that i would of broken to take care and comfort a wench


To guy - November 25

Not a nerd, you just sound like a tosser. And a little hint to help you through your 'it degree' - 'I's are capitalized and it's 'would have' not 'would of'


me too - November 25

DOn't worry guy you will NEVER get married with an att_tude like that .


Yo - November 25

I find it funny that you love him, but to him all you are is a whole to pound. Hed rather smoke weed than talk to you (so would I). You both sound like such winners. Anyway, so you put out. Whats your number?


Weed - November 25

Weed stupor? WTF? Weed isnt a violent drug.


VoiceOfReason - November 26

Yeah I'm going to have the second the "You deserve it for being weak" part. Cheer up, though, I'm sure you've learned some sort of lesson by now.


Da 3 Amigos - November 26

what are you stupid you dumb a__s are you American


Bubbly - November 26

look m8 u dnt need a man dat hits u so move on! n if u r pregnant tell ur parents n dey wil stick by u im sure n get rid of ur man he is sc_m! sort ur life out n good luck x


gorgeous - November 26

luk hun x i no i dnt no u but i wud b gone straight awat if my bf hits me!! even if i was or wasnt pregnant ders no excuse!! kk bi n gudluck n ps tel ur parents x


T - November 27

You need to walk hun. Seriously you do. Walk away from him. You dont need a guy who hits you around and especially a guy who is doing weed. That isn't going to help you or your baby (if you are pregnant). So I would finish with him hun. Ignore all the stuff he says to you. A lot of guys swear they wont lay a finger on you again, and believing them the girl goes back, & for a few days, weeks or months its fine. No hitting. Until he just lashes out at you & it starts all over again. You dont need this & you dont deserve it. He should respect you not hit you around. I would definitely finish with him & tell your parents he was hitting you around. Then go & do a pregnancy test. If its positive contact your doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed. Then tell your boyfriend you are pregnant & see if hes willing to help out with the baby (depending on what you decide). Remember to only do what you are comfortable doing. I would definitely, without a doubt, dump this guy. He wont change, They never do. Well he might do for a few weeks or months, until it starts again. . . So dump him hun, tell your parents and do the test. If your period still doesn't arrive, go to your doctor for a blood test which is more accurate. Take care. :)



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