My Boi Is A Thug Type And

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brittney - January 17

well let's see me and my boy have been goin out for 3 months of this month and on the 6th of january we had unprotected s_x. I havnt told him that i think im pregnet cuz i wanna wait tell i know for sure he's 17 and im 14 almost 15 but we love each other alot but i dont think he's ready for a baby cuz he's tryin to party all the time and then come home and exxpect me to take care of him his mom wont care if we have a baby but my dad will trip but i want this baby but dont know how to tell him or my dad and what should i do if he says he wants to be with me but doesnt want the baby.. im about 2 weeks now... please help!!!


To Brttney - January 17

First thing have a preg test to make sure u r.Then tell bf and go from there.He is apart off what happen but as i said first make sure u r preg have u missed a period?Morning sickness ?


Sarah - January 17

Hmmmmm now how can you tell you are two weeks pregnant, pregnancy symptoms dont start until two weeks after conception, and most times thats too early for a pregnancy test to read positive. You seem to both be very brainy unprotected s_x=babies=irresponsible if you cant raise them!!!


Hilary - January 18

Sarah is right, and ur topic says he's "the thug type" so why nothing on that in the post... Every thug I know will take care of his child. The mother is another story.


Hilary - January 18

oh wait she still doesnt know for sure... haha was the thug type deal for attention? Where are u from Brittney?


TO BRIT - January 18



Hilary - January 18

Ok, you ask us twice and dont come back for answers really!


Maria - January 19

I disagree with hilary, because not all thug will take care of there baby. all they want to do is drink,get high,party, sleep around get more girls pregnant. Plus you guys are still too young to have a baby, you still have a hole life out there to live and party. Party intill you could cause once you have a baby life won't be the same.


Hilary - January 19

Maria, thats a stereotype that people bring on, I mean yea, if you're a side chick, maybe not but a main girl, he got your back.


Li - January 19

Man have you listened to yourselves?? Side chick? Main girl? You guys listen to too much dre


Hilary - January 19

Actually no, my man used to have side hos.


Li - January 20

Your man? There's no wonder there's so many STDs about when little girls are stupid enough to put up with their boyfriends shagging everything that moves and turning round and saying 'Im the one he loves...'


Stef - January 21

I know how you feel. My boyfriend just got out of prison in sept. I'm 7 months pregnant with someone elses baby and 4 months ago he said he wanted to marry me and raise the baby as his own. I still live with my mom-I'm only 17. He's homeless(but stayin' with one of my friends)-has no job and spends all my money on drugs. I love him too - Just like you love your man. If you really want your baby you have to tell him straight out that you come as a package deal. and your dad will understand. My dad didn't like it either-but he's your dad and nothing will ever change that! if you want to talk to me you can e-mail me anytime! [email protected]


lily - January 21

ok ur 14 do u really want to spend the rest of ur life with a thug comon now u think u love him u probably do but trust me it wont last u guys have still highschool so many cute guys smart that want to be doctors lawyers ect. i was 13 when i met my ex he was 19 yeah big diff we were together for 4 years he cheated on me the whole 4 years and then i left him he was a thug like too it never last and if it does its cause ur so young now that u will do anything for him u will even take b___t wopens from him i , did the reason i left my ex was because he cheated on me with my cuzin and that was just to crazy and i was 18 in highschool i didnt need him listen to wat people tell u now when ur 18 19 u will realize everyone but u was right


Li - January 21

Thats cos he knows you'll take him back and let him walk all over you. Come on man you're worth more than that.


Asha - January 22

Sweetie your 14 WHY would you want a baby okay you say you love him you think he loves you, you said yourself he expects You to take care of Him that means he cant take care of a child. You have way too much time ahead of you for children a helluva lot of time actually. Fall back on that whole "i love you, i wanna bear ya child" thing it's not the best option for you. If ya really love each other ya will have a future together meaning you can wait. And if he loves you he would have used a condom for your safety anyway. Find out if your pregnant and go from there. Being pregnant at fourteen is not cool sweetie.


Hilary - January 22

I think shes long gone LOL



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