My Boyfriend Is Sick

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Amanda - November 12

What should i do if my boyfriend has bipolar disorder and if he's not well enough to help me take care of our baby?


Answer - November 13

Slap him, bipolar isnt really anything, it affects over 50 precent of the population. If he told you that this could affect rasing your baby, tell him to see the therapist, and get on meds.


C-Lee - November 13

Bipolar is a serious mental illness, and it does NOT affect over half the population. It is a psychosis disorder which includes an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Biploar can vary in extremes, so it depends on how unwell your boyfriend is. I am a__summing he has been diagnosed, so hopefully he has been prescribed the right meds for hs illness. If he takes them properly and has a treatment procedure to follow he should be fine. I am a mental health worker and i see plenty of people with bipolar live regular lifesyles with partners and children :) Having an understanding of his illness will help you to help him along the way, so do some research if you haven't already :) Good Luck


er - November 13

yeah i would be CAREFUL my boyfriend has bipolar and i am scared to death of him when he snaps he has hit me before they are out of control when they snap so just be carful


E - November 13

Bipolar is also heavily misdiagnosed, unfortunately. It seems common that people refer to someone they know as "bipolar" if they are difficult to deal with and have mood swings. C-Lee is right that true BPD is very serious and if you have a child with someone who has this illness, it is crucial that you also understand the illness as it will become a part of your life. Best wishes:)


T.A - November 15

why would you be with someone who is bipolar? let alone have a baby by them? the girl said her boyfriend has hit her before...that would be my signal to up and leave! im just curious to know, not attackin anyone!


C-Lee - November 17

T.A if people had a better understanding of mental illness, then society as a whole could function better. Having bipolar is like having diabetes. It is an illness that is capable of being controlled so people can lead regular lives. I harldy think it is fair to say "don't date people with bipolar", that is like saying "don't date a diabetic". Amanda and er, if your boyfriends are out of control sometimes, perhaps they arnt getting the correct treatment. Maybe you 2 need to learn a little more about the illness and help facilitate their treatment aswell.



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