My Brother In Law Is The Father Of My Baby

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Little sister - December 26

Help: I am in love with my brother in law. To day after making love I took a home test and it is positive. We have been making love on saturdays while my sister was at work and I was helping him baby sit his daughter. He is such a good father and I will keep our baby. He is happy that I am pregnant and can't wait to be a daddy again. .


Andrea - December 27

Hi, Well you have to tell your you realise that you just broke up a family? You may want a family of your own...but did you ever consider that taking you sisters probley wasnt the best idea and your extended family will NEVER be the same..... sad


To: Little Sister - December 27

First of all why take your sisters man? second of all what makes you think that you love him? I hope your sister doesn't send you to the hospital for breaking the family up. (like Andrea said) You have some deep explaining to do. Good luck!


oh please - December 27

Sorry, but I don't believe this is true. He has an affair, will definitely be found out, probably divorced and arrested (I a__sume you are a teenager, since this is the teen forum) and he is HAPPY? Come on. And if this IS true, Why are you ruining your sister's life? Sorry, this is written well, but it has to be fiction.


Leslie2005 - December 27

Ok...why in hell would do something like to your own sister? How could you not feel guilty? Is he actually happy about the baby? I mean, I can understand how you would want to have a baby, but of all people why your sister's hubby? I'm sorry, but that's just plain wrong!


Hey.......... - December 27

SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hilary - December 27

Go on Jerry Springer... NEXT loser liar please


Karrie - December 27

Ok first of all this sounds totally fake, second of all if this were true...WHY TAKE YOU SISTER'S MAN??? That is not only making him cheat on his wife but making you a SLUT! Get your own man, not your sister's!


low - December 27

thats messed up, how could u do that to ur sister? that is sooo low.


nice - December 27

If its true the last laugh is on you because you have just been used for s_x, stupid little girl that you are, and he won't be with you bringing up the baby!


Me too - January 3

Well here we go . I know for first hand that this can very well be true because I did the same thing I was 18 and I gave my bro-in-law my virginity. I got pregnant after two months but i was sleeping with other men as well because I wanted to make him jealous and hopefully he would leave my sis to be with me . well it turned out that my first child was not his but UI did end up breaking up my sisters family- something God judges me for everyday and i live with the guilt of, lets face it he was going to cheat on my siste5r anyways but I should have stood by my sister. How do you console your blood about her pain when your the one who helped cause it.Anyways after they broke up he did come to be with me and we have a child together but you tell me how we explain what her children and mine are to each other. He may be happy but that too will pa__s when he sees the true extent of his actions. The repercussions of this will last the rest of your lives. Don't ever expect her to trust you again...EVER!!


Andrea - January 16

Everyone now know im pregnant. I have told eveyone it's my ex bf. The only one that knows who the daddy is the daddy. I'm keeping the baby.


Rock Out - January 16

how much do you charge an hour?


Little Sister - January 16

Foy you rock out about a million $ a minute


Sarah - January 17

I so hope to God you are lying, becuase you are just a little tart, and the guy your sister married is a jerk, and your sister deserves much MUCH better. You do realise that the truth ALWAYS comes out sooner or later. There is no way that you are going to get away with this lie. And you shouldnt. Little girls like you should be sewn up!! DIRTY LITTLE GIRL


WTF - January 17

u r 1 sick puppy


Little Sister - January 22

We told Lisa that my ex boy friend is the father. But soon everyone will know having a baby. Today as we layed in the bed Billy looked at my tummy and saw its no longer flat but is starting to get a little round with our baby. Next Saturday Billy is going to take me shopping for maturinty and baby clothes. I can't wait for the baby to begin to kick. Just six more months and I will be a mommy. He wants me to b___st fed our baby and maybe get pregnant again when our baby is 3 months old.



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