My Brother Raped Me

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ashley - September 2

well, I'm 15, and my brother's 23. well, i guess he's having some money problems because he came home to live with us about a 6 or 7 weeks ago. well, right after that, my mom and dad decided to renew their vows, and went on like a 2nd honeymoon. well, one night, i was in my bed when i heard my brother come into the house. he was so drunk he could harly stand. he grabbed me, pushed me on my bed, and raped me. afterwords, he passed out on top of me. now, i can't look at him or be around him because i'm scared he might do it again. well, i think i'm pregnant because i've been throwing up a lot, sleeping more, and i missed my period. i hope i'm not. that's disgusting. what am i supposed to do now? tell my parents i'm pregnant with my brother's baby? should i tell them it's someone else's?


Diana - September 2

Oh my goodness you should have told immediatley being asthough he was drunk does he even remember what happended that's something very traumatic and you should definetly talk 2 your parents about it because if you are pregnant the baby could have problems talk to someone if not your parents someone .


Miss J - September 2

God love you pet tell your mum what he did and tell your mum your pregnant with his baby your mum wont be mad at you its naw your falut god love you


Shawna Joy - September 2

Hi Ashley, I am so sorry that happen to you. First, you need to know that it was not your fault. What he did is criminal and yes, you should be afraid because if it happen once, it could easily happen again, and most likely the attacks will get worse and it will be emotionally harder for you to tell someone. As soon as he is comfortable and thinks he got away with the first rape, he will attempt it again. You are not safe around him. Rapes do not only happen one time, especially in family situations! I know he's your brother, but what he did was wrong and he needs help! And, you are not safe, if he is still living in your house or has access to you. You need to talk to an adult who you can trust and you know will do something about it. I figure if you felt you could tell your parents, you would have done it already. So, I recommend first talking to a school counselor and getting advice on what to do next. Please do not ignore it and hope it goes away. A rape will affect you for the rest of your life, if you do not get help. It could cause you to fear men, and never enter a healthy relationship. Right now, you say that you fear him. Well, if you do not deal with this (by talking to an adult you can trust, like a school counselor), your mind will begin to fear all men. You will want to be in a relationship but the fear will rise up again and you may find yourself alone or entering relatinships with men who abuse women. And don't think the abuse stops with you. If they have crossed the line to abusing you, what will hold them back from abusing your child? Sometimes when things like this happen, we tend to think, it's over now, I can deal with this on my own, but please know that this thinking will make it harder for you to heal. You may not think you have been affected that much, but you have, this is why rape is a criminal act. ***I know you are worried about being pregnant, but your first concern needs to be to find an adult who can help you know what to do: your mom, a school counselor, a pastor, a friend. You need to talk to someone ASAP, you safety is important right now. Second, if you are pregnant, please try and remember that it wasn't your baby's fault. If you do not feel that you can raise the baby yourself, please consider adoption. I know that it is probably very hard to think of having a baby with your brother and you feel it is disgusting, but please try not to overwhelm yourself with this right now. Your brother needs help! If you do not talk to someone soon, it will happen again and a very vicious cycle will begin and it will be harder and harder to break free from it. Please talk to someone today, and if you do not get the support you need, then talk to someone else! AND please let us know how you are doing. I will keep you in my prayers. Oh! Ashley, you could do a home pregnant test, but if you have a friend at all who you can trust, than you may want to consider having her with you when you test, as emotional support. You could also not test, until after you have spoken to a school counselor. That at least, would give you some support system, so that you can emotionally deal with the results. And if you turn out to not be pregnant, please do not think the rape has gone away. You still need to talk to an adult. Your symptoms do look like early pregnancy symptoms BUT they could also be due to the emotional drama from the rape, even your missed period could be due to stress.


Shawna Joy - September 2

drama above, should be "trauma"


Oh - September 2

Oh my lord, go tell your story to the police and your parents IF it's true. What the hell are we going to do for you?


anon - September 2

how could he have pushed you onto the bed if you were already in bed?


dame - September 2

i think thats relly nasty but like they said it could happen agine and if u r u can give it up for adoption to a nice couple and to anon mybe she got up to see who it was or to say hi duh a__s wipe


Vickie - September 3

oh hunnie! i cant imagine what u must be going through! but pleased on't go thru with it on your own, u must tell you parents and from what ur describing u cud very likely be prgnant, and iif he is your full blood brother this baby could have abnormalities so something needs to be said to your parents in order to help you at least, im so sorry hunnie good luck and keep us informed, my email is [email protected] if u wanna talk, all the best! xx


EMILY - September 3

NO u need to tel ur parents the truth. THey need to know what happened. DOes ur brother even remember that he did this to u? Please keep us updated and take a home preg test!! best of luck! xoHUGSxoKISSES


Kristina - September 3

Ashley, I am so sorry for what happend to you, but you need to tell someone immediately? If I was in your position and was raped and he pa__sed out, I would of ran out of the house and told someone and to be somewhere safe. Good luck


Heaven - September 4

Well first of all I wanted to say I'm sorry for what had happened to you. I know it is horrible. And I think you are so brave to admit these things on the internet. Well, I guess the best thing that you can do is to tell your parents that your brother raped you. I know it will shock them but that's the only way. It's not your fault that this has happened to you. And what makes matter worse is that if siblings had a baby it is usually end up being an abnormal baby or having some diseases. Well. just be brave to talk to your parents and I'm sure they will give you support for this crucial time of your life.


nikki - September 7

you have to tell someone, b/c when you tell he could go to jail well good luck


ashley - September 7

anon, if i hadn't gotten up, how would i have known that he was hardly able to stand? i dodn't think that you were so stupid that i needed to post every tiny, little detail that happened. don't try and act stupid by using that as a reason that i'm lying. i'm sorry to be so rude, but when people like you come on here and try and turn things around like that, i can't help it.


ashley - September 7

and i don't know if he remembers. he tried to talk to me, but i didn't hang around long enough to hear what he had to say. i went to the doctors office yesterday, but i don't know the results yet. please wish me luck.


2ashley - September 7

I wish you the best of luck! What your brother did is soooo wrong! Have you told your parents what he did?? Good Luck!


megan - September 8

Tell your mom the truth. She not going to be mad at u or take anything out on u she loves you. if you are pregnant dont have it.



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