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Katie - May 13

im 2 months pregnant, and havent told my parents yet. oh, and im 16. i know my mom will be okay about the news, but my dad will kill me! yah see, the father of my baby just so happens to be mexican. and my dad hates mexicans, i know its wrong, but how am i gonna tell him that his grand-baby is gonna be half mexican. i just want him to love my baby and im afraid he wont cause its half mexican. any comments?


lola - May 14

convince your dad not 2 be so racist and i really htink u shud abort it while its not 2 late


Amanda - May 14

First of all LOLA how can you tell her to abort it, That is some bad advice, and to katie my dad was the same way he hated mexicans and my brother got with one and it drove him crazy well then she got prego and they had a baby my dad still hates mexicans but his grandbaby is the only thing in this world he looks forward to seeing everyday hang in there he will come around once you tell him. And if he dont remember he is your baby not your dads. and if you need to talk you can email me at [email protected]


Katie - May 14

sorry lola, abortion is out of the question. and btw, its always too late to abort.


Amanda - May 14

thats a good anwser katie


rain - May 16

u should tell ur parents, because even if they r disappointed, they will support u in the end. And who cares if ur dad hates mexicans? this is about u and ur baby not him, and if he loves u at all he'll learn to get over it. And good choice about the abortion, in my opinion, not that that really matters. but i hope everything works out ok.


Lisa E - May 16

Abort it. If I was your dad, I would kick you out of the house if you didn't abort.


jenn - May 16

no offense lisa but that was a really uneducated response. she already made it clear that abortion is a no go. if her momo will be supportive then her dad will eventually be too. katie you really need to tell your parents soon though cause the longer you wait the longer it takes them to get over the shock. you dad will be alright its just gonna hurt his pride. it will take time for him to adjust. but once he sees the baby he will fall head over heel in love. good luck. btw when are you due?


Dee - May 18

Is it too late for an abortion? I would consider it. No need to upset your poor old dad - it will probably kill him. He could have a heart attack or a stroke... do you want that on your conscience? My advice -- don't tell him and get to a clinic QUICK.



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