My Daughter Lol

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AddysMummy - November 8

EVERYTIME we get her in the car she immediately pulls off her shoes and socks and throws them. AHH! I don't know why. I've tried tying them a certain way, but somehow the little bugger gets 'em off anyways! Jake and I are trying to come up with ways to keep them on her cause she just absolutely hates socks and shoes. x_x Any suggestions?


mummy2paris - November 9

You could try making shoes and socks fun, Like say o will u help me put them on like a big clever girl and make a song, and show her u and ur partner have kept u shoes on. And when she does give her lots of smiles and make sure she knows ur really proud of her and then she will think o my mummy is always really happy when i do this ill do it more often, but everytime she does it make sure u act happy. that my approch with everything around my daughter works a treat:> x


GimmeaBub - November 9

I was one of thoes kids lol, my parents always had problems getting me to wear them, i suppose being so younge i didnt like the idea of being so confined. Maybe you could take her to a shoe shop and get her to pick out her very own 'SPECIAL SHOES!!!' Tell that everytime she wears thoes shoes she is invisable or you will give her a special treat, like an extra long story book reading or more bubbles in the bath, i am unsure of your daughters age sorry but allow her to choose the shoes she wants to wear, given their her size lol, i know kids love thoes shoes that light up when they walk, or things like barbie or the wiggles or smething are on them, but doing that your allowing her the chance to express herself, letting her make the choices and most of all making her feel just that little bi more special. I dunno about you girls, but even now i still have my special shoes 'a pair of leopard skin high heels' and everytime i wear them i feel really good, as i am not much of a high heel girl anymore, (i am into summer dress fashion at the moment'). Goodluck with it :)


krista-lee - November 9

hey, how old is your daughter? Mine is 17 months, and she does the same thing! lol, all we did was buy her shoes with laces insted of velcro so you can kinda knot them. If that doesnt work, make sure they're tight, but not too tight. Also, about the socks, theres these things you can buy that are kinda like pantyhose, but thicker so they're warmer, and since they go right up to the waist, theres no way to pull them off... hope this helps!


lady jane - November 9

I have NO suggestions! lol but my daughter use to do the same thing at that age, she only now does it if shes mad. GimmeaBub's suggestions seems good about the "special shoes".


ChannY - November 9

Omg i rememebered dealing this stuff with my daughter, I'll never forget that.. you dont even know how many time i have to keep going out to buy only god knows how many shoes, and socks for her. I was like ahh quit it! Thankfully it only lasted for 2 weeks. phew. I keep telling my mum I was going to duct tape her feet if she keep that up, lol I guess thats normal. All the babies do that.


AddysMummy - November 9

It's insane how I have to do it nearly 12 times a day lol. I am not really needing to go out today with her, she is sick and so am I. >< But next time I do I will make a little rhyme or hum while I do it and that... I ruined a pair of her shoes cause they got tied in a knot ><!!! But thanks for the suggestions. She is almost a year old, and very fidgety!



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