My Daughter Had A Seizure

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Amanda19 - May 24

My daughter has been pulling herself up and holding on to tables, chairs, couches etc. Today she lost balance and fell over really hard on her head. She went limp and her eyes rolled back for a full minute! I swear I was on the verge of a heart attack! We took her into the er and they said it was a contact seizure and usually benign but just hearing the word seizure scares the c__p out of me. We just have to watch her for 2 days and make sure shes ok but she seems fine now. But I;m still petrified! My daughter is only 10 months old!!!


kay101 - May 24

Did they run tests to conclude it was a seizure or come to that conclusion by what you told them? Kids fall all the time, my daughter's broken one of her teeth and chipped another as a child and gotten I don't know how much bumps and bruises. They're pretty resiliant little things so I'm sure she'll be ok. Did they mention anything about a concussion? I'd be more worried about just a random seizure and if this one was caused by her hitting her head it probably won't happen again. Do they have you watching for vomit and waking her up every so often when she's alseep? I'm sorry you have to be worried like this :(


kay101 - May 24

I meant to say as a toddler.....she's still a child lol


Amanda19 - May 24

No they didnt do any tests. The only test they could ahve done was a ct scan but they dont like to do that on such young children unless they think it's really nessecary. But they watched her for 2 hours and she seemed fine, even to me. They said it's fairly common thing especially in children when they fall so hard. I'm supposed to follow up with her doctor in 2 days but they arent open because of the holiday so we'll go in on tuesday. Yes vomiting or dazed out or anything just out of normal is to be reported to them asap.


amanda17 - May 25

Oh my god!!! Sorry I don't have any advice but jeeze your poor little girl! I'm glad to hear she's doing okay now, I can only imagine what that must have been like :( *HUGS!*


Teddyfinch - May 25

amanda: i'd say make sure you wake her every couple of hours when she sleeps. i'm not so worried about the seizure as the concussion she probably has. and that's not an uncommon thing. i can't tell you how many i've had and my mom would just have me wake up every couple of hours and talk to her. good luck, though, and i'll pray for your baby tonight.


Amanda19 - May 25

Since last night was only the 2nd night she's ever been in her crib she did wake up every couple hours (we co slept before) because she's not used to having no one by her. I didnt go to sleep until after 3am, was too scared and then my hubby woke up at 5:15 so she had an eye on her most of the night. She's acting perfectly fine today, playing, laughing, eating etc. So hopefully nothing happens. Thanks for the prayers!



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