My Ex Is A Psycho Rant

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amanda17 - January 12

Okay so brief history on me and my ex... We started dating when we were freaking 11 years old, we dated for about a year and a half then he cheated on me. So, when I found out he was cheating on me I was obviously upset, confronted him... He said I was a psycho path and broke up with me. Then he spread all these weird rumors about me that weren't even remotely believable. Like, he told everyone I had s_x with a hobo and got all these stds? Yeah at 12 years old I'm having s_x with hobos... Beside the point... We've stopped talking for a really long time... It's been like 5ish years. He's had a million girlfriends since me and every single one of them were friends of mine. He just dropped them like flies for whatever reason and now he's dating my friend Julie. Which is fine by me... but out of no where about a week ago I get a phone call and it's him cussing me out. I don't even know how he got my number! He starts screaming at me "How could you get engaged?! How could you have a kid with this guy?! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?!" I hung up on him and ignored when he called back. Then I hear a rumor that Julie and him (they've only been dating like 3 months) are getting married and trying for a baby. I think they're stupid, sure, but Julie is my friend so I called to congratulate her and send her best wishes etc. She picks up the phone and before I say anything she starts yelling at me too telling me to say away from her boyfriend. I tried to tell her I hadn't seen him or even talked to him in years, excluding his crazy phone call. She didn't believe me and told me she knew Ellie wasn't Harold's baby and that it was my ex boyfriend's... Even though everyone knows Ellie looks JUST like Harold. Anyway I told her that was ridiculous I have NEVER had s_x with him EVER. She called me a liar and a s___t... Then started rambling about how he wants custody over Ellie? I was like umm okay... sure... I don't mind submitting her to a DNA test if it'll shut her (and him) up! She was like "He said you'd say that! WHORE!!!" and hung up on me. What the h__l why is he still making up dumb rumors about me... It's been FOREVER! At first I thought maybe he didn't want Julie and I to be friends but it's not like we're great friends or anything. We'll talk occasionally but for the most part I stay out of her life and I don't even attempt to get between their relationship... I don't ask about it, I don't ask about him... I talk to her as if she doesn't even know who he is... So I don't see why he would care because I'm sure I want as little to do with him as he does with me. He's such a psycho!!!


babyxrawrz - January 12

I had a boyfriend just like that. Cept he accused me of sleeping with his cousin & his bestfriend. I later found out he was the one who cheated on me with 2 of his exgirlfriends...Sometimes i wonder what goes through people's minds when they do things like this.


JT1118 - January 12

thats is soooooo stupid. and the fact that he just called you up after years and years. and now to have your friend to be against you now just cuz of what he said.


Lady Marmalade - January 13

What an utter moron. I can't understand people like this. They must have real head problems. She's just as bad for believing his ridiculous c___p. Fancy being that gullible. You're well shut of her


guccigal87 - January 13

amanda hunn you know i LOVE you but i just have one thing to say HOLY MAURY!!! haha i feel like when i read thisi should be yelling jerrrrrry jeerrrryy jeerrry and then get you two girls fighting with no tops on!! haha anyways i do love you i just had to say that, i cant beleive some ppl, i had ppl tell me that about austin they were like stefan you need to get a DNA test you know how tiffani is, i mean how easy was she to get into bed for you!! MY AUNT EVEN TOLD HIM THIS!! haha and then austin came out and i thought i had given birth to stefan! LOL even his mom was like... ummm did you have another stefan! and ppl were still like well you should get one just in case! lol but if any guy said they wanted custody i would be like OK pay for the DNA test and if it comes back positive we will talk haha of course we would say that what else are we gunna say NO DONT DO A DNA your sperm might have lived in me for the past 6 years waiting for the perfect egg to implant into! HAHAHA


HeavenisMine - January 13

Above poster (cracks up) ^.... He sounds like a goon. What are you going to do about him? I seriously hope he doesn't start trouble for you or your little girl. Good grief what a crazy world.


amanda17 - January 13

I know right?!?! He's starting soooo much c___p and NONE of it is true. It's been 5 years and I didn't even do anything wrong! He's the one who cheated on me! I don't know, something happened that made a screw loose in his head because he was never like this when we were together. A lot of my friends are saying every since him and Julie started dating he's been really mean to everyone. I was talking to Lauren who is Julie's best friend, asking her if she knew why Julie and him were freaking out on me... She said that he told Julie Ellie was his baby and that he and I had never really broken up... Like yeah we've been having a secret relationship for 5 years! And for some reason Julie wasn't mad at him about it, she was mad at me! She said that Thomas sugar coated it by saying how sorry he was and how he was ready to devote his life to her, marry her and give her a baby. I asked Lauren why she thought he was doing all this since Lauren is the only person who has stayed Thomas's friend throughout everything and never dated him... She said she thinks he's jealous that I settled down and he didn't. I was like he's only what 19 now... What's his hurry? Who cares what I'm doing?


HeavenisMine - January 13

Definitely a jealousy issue going on there. It sounds like your "pal" julie is like a little lost puppy who cannot fend for herself so she will take his side and get angry at you, no matter what he says. Kind of like those girls who defend a man that cheats on them and get mad at whoever he cheated with because he was just an innocent victim of circ_mstance. There's really no point in trying to talk to people in that mindset. You know your daughter is not his, and you shouldn't waste your time even bothering with him. Unless of course he tries to start some real trouble with you and your daughter, then I'd call the cops on his loony b___t.


amanda17 - January 13

Yeah I've been ignoring their phone calls and stuff. Oh and he called me again last night, I let it go to voicemail then went to my voicemail box to delete it... I didn't listen to the whole thing but it sounded like he was trying to apologize to me. Pft. Whatever... Anyway yeah I just can't fathom why he would care what I'm doing. I mean I don't even really think about him anymore but apparently he talks about me a lot. We were ELEVEN! He should barely remember my name haha. But yeah I will definitely call the police if he does anything crazy or comes near Ellie at all.


HeavenisMine - January 13

Wow, I wonder what his relationship with his parents was like? I don't know, I've just heard relationships with ones parents can sometimes determine the outcome of relationships later on down the line. He definitely a jealous bug. Eleven years old is very young, I still remember my first boyfriend at twelve. He liked my friend. I don't care though, I was stupid and twelve. No heartbreak there, anymore at least. I thought at twelve it was "like totally" the worst thing ever.


amanda17 - January 13

We did have a pretty serious relationship for being 11... We dated until I was either about to turn 13 or just newly 13. Anyway he does have kind of a weird relationship with his parents. He lives with his mom and her boyfriend (they might be married by now I dunno) His real dad left when he was a kid and remarried someone drastically younger than him. I remember him telling me he didn't like his step dad because he thought he was only using his mom for s_x. Not sure where there relationship is now though.


HeavenisMine - January 13

You're doing better than I did at that age then, because for me it was all silly stuff :) . Sounds like he had it rough when it came to parental relationships. I am sorry though that the past is coming back to haunt you literally.


amanda17 - January 18

LOL---update on this! He's called me like 6 times today, and I never picked up. Shortly after he stopped calling my friend Brianna called and told me he was calling her asking her to tell me to call him and that he was so depressed because him and Julie broke up (big surprise) and he just wanted someone to talk to...Yeah poor him... Anyway here's the funny part, they apparently broke up because Julie was going to dye her hair, she picked out a brown color and he yelled at her and told her he wanted her to dye her hair red. She ended up doing it, but after she did it she said he wanted her to look more like me! WHAT?! Hahaha! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm not sure if that's true, but I'm told it is. Lauren told me it wasn't just the hair... He would like pick out clothes for her that look like clothes I would wear, and he gave her the nickname 'Candy' which was what he called me...He gave me that nickname because I have such a sugar tooth and it rhymes with Mandy (my nickname) but it doesn't go with her at all... She's a health nut and never eats candy... And Julie doesn't rhyme at all haha. Anyway I guess he's been doing little things like that throughout their relationship. I was talking to his ex girlfriend who dated him right after me, and she said that he'd always accidentally call her Mandy. I was like wtf this guy is so obsessive! Hahaha! Wow. Just wow... Any advice on how to force him to get over it? I mean... 5 years.... There's something wrong with him.


V9653 - January 18

Honey, this guy actually is bordering on sounding dangerous. It's at a point now where it isn't funny. It's just insane, and insane people like that are dangerous when you are their focal point. Keep records of his calls and see if you can get a restraining order for harra__sment. I'm really serious. B's father was kind of like that and not even so bad and obvious and you know what he put me through. I guess the things you don't know are the things that should worry you. See here, if he took you to court claiming that was his child, he could get temporary visitation until the dna was done and the court date taken care of. Can you imagine ellie having to go with that crazy man alone for hours. What would he do? So really, try to find out how to get the law on your side, just in case. I don't mean to scare you, but five years is a long time, and his comments are beyond petty, it's dangerous and crazy, and he himself has targeted your daughter in his plans.


amanda17 - January 18

Alright, I'll start recording his voicemails and such. The same tango I did with my dad. Really I'm not worried or threatened. I don't think he'd ever hurt me or Ellie, and even though he's going psycho right now he's still a nice guy. It sounds like he's not because he's made some odd, questionable, mean or just plain crazy decisions.. But really he's always been a gentle kinda guy. I think he's lost right now, I think he's been lost since we broke up and it's taking him until now to retrace his steps. I'm always going to play it safe, I would never gamble Ellie's or my safety with my opinions... I'm just not very worried about it.


angelmonkey - January 19

i think you should be worried i totally agree with V this guy sounds very dangourous! i mean you wre like 11 right? even though you say it was pretty serious i dont think you can get that much serious at the age of 11 lol! i think this guy also has other issues he sounds insane! i mean getting someone to try and look like you! obsessed or what and i know what obbsesion can lead to! he sounds may think he's just lost ect but thats just where he,s trying to fool advice dont ever leave yourself alone with guy


Sweeta__s - January 19

thats so wierd. id be scared. but i guess u know him more than ne1. just be care full tho n make sure lotsa ppl kno wots goin on



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