My Girl Friend And Ex Gril Friend Are Both Pregnant

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Willie - November 5

I broke up with my ex about five months ago and started dating my current girl friend after a couple of weeks. Last week my girl friend showed me her positive pregnancy test and I know that I am the father because she was a virgin wwe just were going to have unprotected s_x until she got some birth control. Three month later it to late for birth control. Friday night I saw my ex girl friend and she is really big. I found out she is six months pregnant. I know that I am the dad because she never dating after we broke up. We mostly used withdrawl but I did not always pull out until after I shot my wad. She did not want the pill and I dont like condums. Should I tell my current girl friend that my ex is also pregnant. She has not bothered to tell me that she was pregnant.


jenny - November 5

are you a idiot you have to use a condom you idiot


to Jenny - November 5

It a little late now. Besides I hate to wear a condum.


adult - November 5

Willie, You have two girls lifes changed and not for the better. I would find a non judgenemtal adult to help you because you have responsibilty for the lifes growing. Honesty is not easy - but better late than never. Just so you know I was a teenage father and my daughter is now in Oxford. But you have to a__sume responsibilty. If I did it - so can you.


hmm - November 6

well, you got two girls pregnant, you better learn to start wearing a condom, whether you like it or not. I suggest you get a job, one baby is expensive, but two...and how old are you?


think about it - November 6

You will also hate half you payckeck going to child support.They go by before taxes not atfer.Don't quote me but I think it is 17% for one child just use your imagine two.


wow willie - November 6

child support is going to kick you a__s!!! Not only are you going to have to work to support one, but two?? And, making minimum wage-there is going to be nothing left!!! Hope it was worth it-6$ for condoms...or child support for a LONG time........


LOL - November 6

"Besides I hate to wear a condum."..... Yeah, condems are so inconvenient. I mean, since they are such a pain it's so much better to not just wear one. Who cares if you create a baby? Now you get to not only be responsible for not just one, but TWO lives. That's awesome Willie, I hope not wearing those condems was worth it.


Willie - November 6

Do you know for sure if the ex is having your baby? Its a little wierd that she would not mention that to you, so maybe that is one thing that you do not have to worry about, call her and ask her whats the deal. Get a blood test to be sure and with your current be supportive, and just talk this through even if both are yours you can definitly do it because many, many, many men have and are going through the same thing that you are going through now. Dont tell your current girl that your ex is pregnant if you are certian that it is yours no need to get the fire a blaze if there is no need and she will proabably freak so wait on that. Good luck


... - November 6

I meant to Willie, oops


Willie - November 6

you made your bed now sleep in it these poor babies what ever happened to having children when you you married and happy I just dont get it is everyone gone stupid just cause you dont like the condom well guess what your not going to like how the rest of your life is you could of saved yourself alot of trouble and now you have trouble ahead of you .


Ash - November 8

will this is a hard situation you got into but everybody makes mistakes so follow the triple r's relax remenber and refresh don't worry If you're the father of these babies just think of your ex girlfriend as oyur ex wife you'll see the kid on weekends and see you're girlfriends kids how old are you


???? - November 11

Do you kno wwhat you've done??/ You are going to be a father not only to one child but to 2 and just because you didn't like wearing condoms???? you shouldn't even have thought of having s_x if you thought it was to uncomfortable to wear a condom. Sorry to say but your screwed and it's all your fault and you put your own self in that situation. Get used to not sleeping supporting 2 kids and giving away all your money (if you even have a job)


padora - November 11

my god isnt this site for support? if you cant offer some decent advice or support dont write in! Willie, before you do anything else you have to find out if your ex is carrying your baby. You may not have been the only person she was "with" and she may not know who the father is and thats why she hasnt told you she's pregnant. If your ex is pregnant with your baby it most likely will upset your current girlfriend but it is obvious it happened before you two were together. At least you are stepping up and wanting to know the truth be honest from the start. That is the first step. Good luck.


Vickie - November 14

wow, hope uve learnt a lesson! but thens its too late for that, well all you can do is let ur current gf now, and confront ur may not be yours. and be there for them both, u can work it out its just gunna b very difficult, how old r u?


To Willie - November 14

Although the other posters have a valid point about wearing condoms do not listen to their harsh words, i am sure you have learnt by your mistakes as we all do. First of all you need to ask your ex if this baby is yours or not. If she claims that it is, you may still want to get a paternity test... but make sure you are honest with your new girlfriend. As i like to say "you should always be honest because once u are caught in one little lie, your credibility is ruined forever" so be honest with ur girl, she wil understand it was before you were with her., and be tehre for both girls!!! (that is if the ex is carrying ur baby) good luck. let us konw how u go.


kat - November 16

hahaha.....this oddly sounds like my ex boyfriend/father of my child.....he got a girl pregnant when he was 16, then 3 years later, i wind up pregnant with his kid......and he never sees his im wondering if hes actually gonna see our kid....doubt it. willie, you should realize how much u just messed up your life....



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