My Girlfriend Is Going On The Pill

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- - January 2

My girlfriend is going on the pill so that we can start having s_x without a condom, how long does it take for the pill to become most effective? Thanks.


Grandpa Viv - January 2

Read the instructions. Pills differ. Most say to use back-up for the first cycle. Let me caution you both that mini pills are extremely sensitive to regular timing - miss taking one by hours and you should use back-up for the rest of the month. Read the instructions. If I were in your position, planning to use the pill as primary birth control with no condom, I would abstain during Days 10-15 of the cycle, or at least use a condom on those days. Remember that antibiotics can cancel the effect of the pill. Read the instructions one more time. Happy hunting.


rj - January 3

...if you are on the pill to clear up your face, how effective is that when dealing with s_x. could pre-c_m make you pregnant?


ma - January 3

If she takes the first on the day her period begins then she should be protected straight away provided she takes it on time, everyday. If she takes it on a day that she has not started her period, you should use condoms for the first 7 days. Read the instructions in the pack, because some pills can differ.


Stacey - January 3

It usually takes about a week. Read the directions on the package. If it doesnt say ask her doctor.


- - January 4

Im guessing i will leave it a week no matter what the back says.......also how long does the pill last for or do you take one each day for as long as you want?


ma - January 4

Sounds a good choice. One each day at the same time, for as long as needed. Her doctor should have explained the certain risks with taking the pill for many years. These can include risks of ovarian cancer and thrombosis, but she should go for regular checks anyway, and I doubt she will always be on the pill if she wants children in te future.



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