My Girlfriend Says She S Pregnant Is She Lying

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Josh - September 6

I'm a very confused guy at the moment. I'm 18 and this girl I've been seeing for about 4 weeks has just told me she is pregnant and we are going to have a baby. She is also 18 by the way. I don't get it, we haven't had s_xual intercourse yet!!! She has given me 3 BJ's and she said that some c_m must have missed her mouth and landed on her va___a. How??? My p__s was deep into her mouth and she always swallowed straight away. Do you think she is lying??? How can she get pregnant when we are both virgins an my p__s has been nowhere near her va___a???


lmao - September 4

what a fake story .. you are so gay


drunkin clam:P - September 4

hey,well your 18,smarter then me im sure seeing that your 3 years older,but im pretty sure shes full of...well...nothing?because u didnt get her pregnant if you didnt have s_x...but i know theres wierd ppl out there:Sif my gf said that first thing ide be mad at her..then if she ment it..ide question if she was loyal to me.because if she was pregnant..and i didnt do it..sumone else must have..


Kit - September 4

She's lying, and she's also very childish. How will she prove it in 9 months time? Silly girl.


gross - September 5

what the hell. You've been going out with her for 4 weeks and shes already pregnant. You h__y b___d. You d__n americans r gross. the thing is lmao. Even if you think a story is fake on here, americans r so dumb that they r true.


anna - September 5

well shes not pragnet that kinda means she sleeping with someone else and not telling u


g - September 6

This is a eurof__g


Josh - September 6

Hey, this is not a joke so stop laying into me alright. I'm not a h__y bastatrd, my girlfriend and I haven't even had s_x yet. I'm still a virgin. This is why I am very confused as to how she has become pregnant. I'm not a complete idiot people, she IS pregnant. We did the test together. I just can't understand how this has happened! Can anyone shed any light?


Kit - September 6

Sorry Josh but she must have slept with someone else. There's very little chance of her becoming pregnant any other way than having s_x. Don't listen to the silly replies, they're just bitter people with nothing better to do.


The real deal - September 6

Josh, I'm pretty sure she is not pregnant by you but by someone else hoping you'll buy into it. If she is, she did it on the sly and moved your s____n from where it landed to her v____a. You'll have to call her bluff and request a paternity test at some point. When you learn you are not the father, realize you could have been if she rubbed your s____n in her v____a. Moral of the story, don't have s_x unless you're ready to be a daddy. That is one sure way to screw up your pun intended.



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