My Mom Doesnt Know Im Pregnant How Do I Tell Her

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timmy turbush - April 10

don't tell them, have the baby, dress it up like a turtle and call him lenny the turtle baby... make some money, put it in stocks and bonds... in the mean time make more turtle babies to increase profit margins... or just tell them and get it overwith... either is good


Elisha xx - April 25

Your mom will find owt sum way so u shuld du the rite thing and tell her b4 she finds owt herself if she loves you she will be there for you


britt - April 25

hey honey... I am 17 and I have a 13 month old. But listen to me... your mother needs to know. You need to see a physician. It will be the hardest sentence that will ever come out of your mouth. But it needs to be done. I told my grandmother and she relayed the message. This is an important time in your life and it is very critical. You have a lot of desicions to make. Your mom needs to be a part of this. If you can tell her, do it. If not... Find someone that will let her know for you


chaparra - April 25

im 15,and i think im pregnant caz my bf comed in me.i actually wanna raise up a really scared that my mom will hit me of kicked me out.i mean me and my mom get along but im still scared to tell boyfriends parents and my parents get along.but i really love my parents.PLZ HELP ME!!!! i need someone to help me!if u can help out e-mail me at [email protected] plz!


mandy - April 27

my 15 year old sister just had a baby. me and her new she was but we both hide it from our parents till she was almost8 months. we thought my mom and dad would flip out. when we told them they did not take it as bad as we thought they really need to tell your mom so she can take you to the doctor so they can make sure the baby is ok. if you need any help just let me know. thanks [email protected]


mandy - April 27

i forgat to tell you she is my little sister and she was 14 to. if you need to talk plz email me


angel - April 27

say mother i love u and u always wanted me to have a child and i did i am having one. i got a sperm donner


sierra 17 yrs - April 27

im 17 yrs okd and i did't not know i was pregnant intil she brought a pregnant test and it cam back postive. i could belived what it said so i went got a nother test and it was postive too so i went to the docter and i took one there and it was postive. now im 2 months pregnant. and im stll with my baby's daddy. im happy im found out sooner


Daisy - April 28

We'll I'm pregnant to, and I was scared to tell my mom. So I left my house for 2 weeks. But she found out because my best friend told her. Because she was scared that I might get hurt, so she told my mom. We'll my mom came looking for me and she found me behind a dubster freezying to deaf, and she picked me up and took me home, and when I told her why I ran away from home, she told me she already knew and all I had to do is tell her. Because she made the same mistake. We'll what i'm trying to say is don't be scared to tell your mom yeah she's going to be mad but at least u got it off your chest. So don't be scared just do it. U are saving your life and the baby's life. p.s Daisy


em! - May 2

hiya im 13 and pregnant, wel i think anyway, i had s_x 3 days through my period but it only last 30 secound cos i was pretty p__sed, he didnt c_m! but now it is 3 weeks later and my b___b are sore and i have pain and i feel dizzy, i dont no wether this is period pain or if i am pregnant, but i have taken 2 test and they were both negative and i realy need help please add me on msn, if u can help me! do u need a parent to have an abortion my addy is [email protected]!! please help me i dont no what to do with my parents!


katie - May 2

emm...add me cause u dnt hav a net pa__sport its [email protected] anyways take care and if anyone else needs to talk u can add me on msn or email okies xxx katie


daN - May 3



gud luck - May 6

im 14 n i told my mum wen i wz 5 weeks pregnant n she took it suprisingly well n has always been there 4 me. my dad dint take it so well but my mum calmed him down so he just got on wiv it. then sadly wen i wz 7 weeks pregnant i started 2 bleed n had a misscarraige. it is the worst thing that has eva happend 2 me. i wz bleedin parts of the baby out for 4 weeks and then stopped for a week and a half. i hav jst started bleedin again wiv tiny bits of tissue in ( parts of the baby ) this cud either b a normal period or an infection. i hav 2 go 4 a scan very soon and if it is an infection n nothin can stop it i will neva b able 2 hav kids eva agen. All im tryin 2 say is that tellin ur parents is very hard but most of the time its not as bad as u think. there are worse things. if anyone wants 2 chat my addy is [email protected] p.s gud luck 2 u all take care xxx


candie4 - May 7

Im 14 and I have the same problem. I dont know how to tell my parents either. I think im gonna tell them i was raped, that way they wont kick me out. I dont even see the father no more cuz he was a one night stand.


age is nuthing - May 8

you really need to get it off your chest that is for sure... if your mom and you are geting into arugments, that bring up alot of anger that you have to run to your freinds house, then that can put alot of stress on the baby... you just really need to bite the bullet... if anything... WRITE HER A LETTER if it is too hard for you to be face to face.. jujst explain n the letter.... liek say before she goes to work put it in the car or something and just be all i know that this is something that is very hard to hear or read( in your case read lol) but i just have to bring it up, this is somesthing that is very hard for me to b face to face to you and tell youbut i just want to let you kno that.... and then go from there... i hope that this helps.. io want to say good luck with you and the baby... your famly wil understand.....


To Avirl - May 10

10? Haha... yeah right!



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