My Mom Doesnt Know Im Pregnant How Do I Tell Her

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carly - October 6

im 6 months pregnant and my waters broke yesterday im really scared and worried about what might happen to me and my baby my mum & dad took me to the hospital but they just sent me home whats going on with me?


tt - October 6

fake your death with the works. make her think you committed suicide because you couldn't handle th arguments. when you have the baby, come back to life and surprise her. she may kick your a__s though


teff - November 13

Carly wot u really need 2 do is relax..ur goin to hav wots called a dry labour just calm dwn n try not 2 worry im sure everythin wil be fine gd luck xx


calmchick06 - December 5

well i think that you should just tell you mom!! you should not hide it from her!!


KayKaylala - December 6

well I hope she told her mom seeing as this post is two years old! where did u find this at : calmchick06


snethent - December 19

Im almost 17 and i had my daughter 4 days after my 15th birthday. I waited until i was 4 months pregnant so that i know for sure the baby is healthy and that theres a good chance of carring to full term. if you tell them too eary and you misscarry then they will hate you 4 ever. how i told my mom was i got a sonogram printed off and showed her... she didnt believe me so i took her to my next appt. and then she believed me when the ultrasound showed the beautiful baby growing inside me. good luck! find me on myspace if you have any questions at all!


friendly101 - November 7

well, when i told my mom i said,"Mom, i ve gatta tell you something very important, and after i tell you im ganna leave the room to give you some time, and after i have said what i need to say i dont want to hear anything from you until you have cooled down and had some time to think. " Then i told her and walked out of the room quietly. she didnt talk to me till the next day, but when we did talk it went well. She is now a proud grandmother.


chella14 - October 23

Look it hard I kno I've been there hold ur head up its gonna be ok u need to kno what u wanna do do u wanna keep it or not give it up or what? Once u find out then tell ur mother what it is u want to do also listen to what she has to say u have to understand she gonna be very..VERY... upset let her be mad let her yell its all normal.......u have to be an adult now an handol ur postion like one.....HANG IN THERE...


neash - December 3

I am 17 years old and I am pregnant. I havent told my mom nor anyone else in my family. But my BF family knows (all of them) and they are behind what ever decision that I make. which is to keep the baby because I dont want to regret something later in life. But as for my mom she has heart problems and has helped me get to where I am now which is modeling,acting,dancing, and vocals. To her I am her world and if she finds something like this out Im afraid that her heart problems may get worst due to stress...I really dont know what to do nor how to tell her and It hurts me to think about telling her something that will hurt her ...what should I do I need help fast!!!!please!!!!


V9653 - December 4

Honey, you'll get more answers starting your own thread. Anyway, I was in a similar situation but I was a little older than you are. I am my dad's life and he expects all of the greatest things from me, and he has heart problems. I fell pregnant at a time where his diabetes was causing problems for his heart and he was really really sick. I just had to tell him. The thing you have to realize is that it is what it is. Your mom sounds invested in you and I'm guessing she is your number one ally, well if that's the case remember all the times you've done something stupid, gotten hurt and she was by your side. This is the time that you need her again and though she will be disappointed, no doubt about that, she will come around. You say you are far enough along that you are showing, well I hope you have gone to the doctor and started your prenatals because it really does affect the health of the baby. The last thing your mom needs is her 17 year old daughter coming home with a baby with some developmental issue like spina bifida. You need to sit down and have a heart to heart with your mom and start telling her the things that she doesn't know about your life, then lead up to talking about your concerns about her heart and how she will handle the rest of what she doesn't know about your personal life. Then talk to her about your s_x life, then tell her that you have found out that you are pregnant. Like I said, you need to be situated with a doctor and have everything set up so you can at least relieve her that you are mature enough to handle the most important part of having a child-it's health and well-being and being on top of the business. Hope that helps, and if you need anything else, start a thread and ask.


Misti - December 6

ok tell her u robbed a bank and then be like no im just pregnant lol. Serriously its going to be hard but u cant just wait till u are 6 months along or she will be really mad. Just sit her down and say mom i have to tlak to u please just listhen and then tell her OR have a nurse or docter tell her while u are in the room. good luck


mitchsa__sy - February 4

lol,im a mother now to my 7 months old baby mom dont care...hehe


cupcake15 - July 8

hi im 15 and i just found out about 3 days ago that im 3 weekspreganat and just dont kno what to do as of now me and my boyfriend r no longer together. i really dont kno how to tell them bf no longer wants anything to do with me and i dont kno if i can do this by myself i really need help (thank you..)


Grandpa Viv - July 8

May I a__sume that you are a week late, 3 weeks after conception, and by doctor count "5 weeks pregnant?" Pregnancy hormones often cause emotional upsets that lead to boy-friend break-up before you even realize what is going on. Text him "Sorry about big argument - sign of pregnancy. Need to talk." Be a big help around the house today (in spite of being tired) and when your mom remarks on it, say "I guess I had better start pulling my weight. We're going to need all the help we can get come next March." Start in on the prenatal vitamins stat to minimize the chance of birth defects. Let us know how it goes! GL!


ArmyMom73 - November 1

I am a Mom and my 14 year old came to me and told me there was a possiblity she was pregnant. Although she knew I would be upset she just came in to my room after I came home and said she needed to say something. I listend to her and we discussed her options, she it still waiting to find out if she is as she is still very early. I am sure if you have any kind of relationship with your mothers they will understand and try to help out the best they can. I told my daughter I would adopt her baby so she can still have it but be able to go to school and do what teens are suppose to do. This is how we handeled it in my family and she is the youngest of 6 so I know how you girls are feeling not able to tell your parents but you are going to have to tell them. You can't keep something like this a secret.


xoxomahri - November 8

No offense, but i don't feel bad or you, and you shouldn't feel cool. I think thats how all of you feel. im 14 and I feel embarra__sed for you. Having s_x is great if ur a married couple and you have a stable home to raise a baby in, and all the support of a job and everything it takes to raise a child. You shouldn't , however, be having s_x at 14-15, and getting pregnant because you are irrational and cannot possibly control you hormones. I kno becse I am 14! people, if you dont want to have the peoblem of having to tell your mom, then STOP DOING IT! Im not trying to offend, but you are making really dumb mistakes.



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