My Mom Doesnt Know Im Pregnant How Do I Tell Her

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xoxomahri - November 8

No offense, but i don't feel bad or you, and you shouldn't feel cool. I think thats how all of you feel. im 14 and I feel embarra__sed for you. Having s_x is great if ur a married couple and you have a stable home to raise a baby in, and all the support of a job and everything it takes to raise a child. You shouldn't , however, be having s_x at 14-15, and getting pregnant because you are irrational and cannot possibly control you hormones. I kno becse I am 14! people, if you dont want to have the peoblem of having to tell your mom, then STOP DOING IT! Im not trying to offend, but you are making really dumb mistakes.


Siyo - November 11

Im 19 years old and my boyfriend is 30. We both fellowship at Seventh day adventist church, which is a very strict and traditional church. I think Im pregnant and I've mentioned it him, Im scared to go test so his coming with me. We have had the discussion of what would happen if I would fall pregnant and well it ended up in a major dispute cause he wanted to keep the baby and I wanted to abort so now I think Im pregnant but I wouldnt want to disappoint my mother like that cause my oldest sister gave birth 7 months ago, my middle sister is now pregnant just dont think it would be cousure for me to have a baby now... but at the same time the thought of having a baby with my boyfriend is exciting, his very responsible and I know he would take care of me but he already has a beautiful daughter with his ex and I just started with college and wanted to do the whole get married and have kids and be one of the very few in my family to have that... Im hoping Im not pregnant and if I am I will really consider aborting


Grandpa Viv - November 11

What an unusual twist - the boyfriend is the one who wants you to keep it, and the opinion of the church is what you fear unless you terminate! You can get a home pregnancy test from Walmart, the Dollar Store or any drug store and use it on first morning pee as soon as a regular period is late or light. It may be necessary to repeat a week later if you think you got a false negative result. There will likely be advice for you on this forum about the virtue of not terminating a pregnancy, but the decision is entirely yours. Good luck!


jasmine-ganga - November 11

oh lisa, you gotta tell your mom that you are preggo :) it's better after; trust me


justbrittney - January 6

im 17 almost 18. im almost 100% sure im pregnant, my boyfriend is 110% sure i am. i just dotn know how to tell my mom, i have to wait a few weeks be for i know for sure but it has been almost two weeks since the day i might have conceived my baby, and for the last 5 days ive been feeling really nauseous and ive been having small headachs, but its not like me to feel sick.. idk what to do help me plz xoxo britt


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Hugs for you, Britt. It sounds like you had s_x around Christmas Day, and your next period is due early next week. You could run a home preg test this weekend using first morning pee, dip method, but if you get a false negative you would have to repeat a week later. If you get a positive, carry it in to your mom and say "Mom, do you want the good news first? You are going to be a grandmother!" GL!


justbrittney - January 7

thanks you, im not to sure how my mom will take it that well so i want to so i want to tell her idk how..


Grandpa Viv - January 7

Get creative, Britt. Work your b___t off helping around the house one weekend, until she says "I can't understand what has gotten into you - you have been such a help." Buy card and flowers for the dining room table "Congratulations Grandma!" Send her an e-Card. Leave a letter for her to find while you make yourself scarce for the day. Or (best way) blurt out "Help! I'm pregnant!" She will be surprised, disappointed, then excited - you will see. Let us know how it goes!


justbrittney - January 7

.. so my mom walked in my room well i was watchin tv on my laptop. and she was like whacha doing so i told here watching a tv she asked if i had any make up work frim the day i missed.. and i said no, then shes like you ok and i said this i felt nauseous, she said are you pregnant, adn i told here idk, and she kinda just stood there and left the room... but she didnt act mad. so let see how this all pans out, i think im taking a test this weekend, and after that i will tell her.


Grandpa Viv - January 8

Well, you have broken the ice already. You have exchanged the information that you are s_xually active, so pregnancy is in the cards. At this stage you could just as well ask her to buy a couple of preg tests when she goes to the store, and you can share the excitement together.


kelsxnicole - January 13

Im seventeen, and i think im pregnant. My 22 year old boyfriend is a marine, and he is currently in Japan...we havent told my parents that we have s_x so i dont know what to do if i am actually pregnant. I have a lot of symptoms, and if i am pregnant, i would be almost a month. I have b___st tenderness, strange cravings, nausea, fatigue, and sharp back pains. Im afraid to take a pregnancy test, because i guess im afraid to find out, especially since my boyfriend is in Japan and idk how my parents will take it...please help me!


Grandpa Viv - January 13

nicole, you may well be pregnant and you are old enough to buy a pregnancy test. Use it on first morning pee this weekend, and if it is positive walk it in to your mom and break the news. Alternatively you can just leave the test and the wrapper by the bathroom sink and make yourself scarce for the day - lol. You need to be taking prenatal vitamins to minimize the chance of birth defects, and to be involving your parents in the decision-making that is going to affect their lives almost as much as yours. Are you late already? GL!


kelsxnicole - January 13

My period was four days late. I took a test and it was positive! I made an appointment for saturday to make sure I really am. After my appt. i will tell my mom...i feel like it would be a lot easier if my boyfriend was here with me when i told her.


Grandpa Viv - January 14

Congratulations, Nicole. Buy your mom some flowers on the way back from the doc's. When she says "What did you do that for?" you can blurt it out. Tell her you have been supporting our troops overseas in the traditional way! GL!


NattyLuna - January 19

okay, so, im 14 and had s_x. A condom seemed like the last thing that was on my mind and the next thing i know i think i might be pregnant. my bf is 15 and we don't know what to do.... i used to have a purity ring cause one of my friends talked me into it and my dad got me one, saying how proud he is to have me as a daughter. My mom died when i was 3 years old and i'm the only child he has that's related to him cause he adopted my brothers (that were my mom's kids before her and my dad got married) and the oldest has been the worst. He's been stealing stuff from us and selling it... and now has 2 felonies... my other brother has ADHD and is depressed which pretty much makes him bi-polar. My dad has a bad temper and i'm so scared to tell him... we don't talk to my mom's side of the family because they hate my dad... anyway, i wasn't so 'into' the whole 'purity ring' situation but i did it anyway and now i really regret it because it started making me think about s_x and the more i thought, the more i regretted getting it and the more i wanted s_x. i took a test and it said i was and another one said i wasn't... (i'm not even on the pill because no way my dad would let me...given the fact i'm too young and have a purity ring) ... i wish my mom were here and help me.


Grandpa Viv - January 20

So sorry, Natty! If you got one clear positive inside the time limit, chances are it is telling true. Maybe you took the other after drinking liquids, and your urine was more dilute. What other early pregnancy signs do you have?? Just to be sure, wait a few days and test again - the hormone should double in that time. Use first morning pee, which is strongest. When did this incident occur, and when did you come up missing a period?



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