My Mom Is Gonna Steal My Baby

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Merisa - May 7

im 15, and 3 months pregnant. my mom says when i have the baby shes gonna quit her job to take care of it, and so i can go to school. but i need to take care of my baby! its my baby! and i want my baby to know who i am. iv'e heard so many stories about kids calling their grandma mommy, i dont want that to happen to me. i want to be there through the times when my baby is so little and precious, becuz the days go by so fast, and i dont want to miss it all. what do i do?????


age is nuthing - May 7

the fakt is is that it is your baby..... not hers.. she is just trying to help you but you are the one that is gong to go threw the pain and the holdin the baby for 9 months soooo tell her that this is your problem if u would wnat to accept help then arlight but tell her that you r the one that has this responsablity now and you are going to cope up to it... tell her that she needs to be a grandma not a wanna be momie!!!


maya - May 7

my friend lives with her grandmom and calls her mom. but she also stays at her moms and call her mom so don't worry. i don't think she should quit her job she does have bills. and with a baby she needs the extra money. u should stay in school but try and get a part time job. she can't steal ur baby don't worry. im happy to hear u wanna take care of ur child. that shows maturity.


Jbear - May 8

Your mother is so generous to you! She's thinking of your future and your baby's future. She knows you won't be able to have a very good life or provide for your baby very well unless you stay in school, and she's trying to do what's best for you. If you were an adult, you'd be faced with the issue of putting your baby in day care, and going to work. You'd probably be wishing your mother was willing to take care of your baby then. What grade are you in now? Probably 9th or 10th. Imagine filling out job applications for the rest of your life and having to put down that you only went up to 9th or 10th grade. Imagine being on welfare because you have no job skills. Your mother is trying to keep that from happening. You need to grow up a little bit. You're about to be a mother yourself. Another thing, school is what, seven or eight hours a day? That still leaves 16 or 17 hours a day for you to care for your baby. That's plenty of time for the baby to see you, and to know you're its mother. If you quit going to school, you're likely to have to live in your mother's house with your baby for YEARS, and then the baby will be confused and call grandma mom.


ellie - May 8

oh u poor girl!!! your going to have to sit down and talk to her. tell her how you feel that you don't want your baby to grow up thinking that shes its mum, not you. tell her that you want to look after it yourself. there are so many other teen moms, so why cant u b one?



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