My Mom Wont Let Me Go

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shanti - January 20

Im only 16 and my boyfriend moved out of state to get a job where his mother lives and he wants me to come with him so we can raise our baby boy together but my mom, who i really cant stand wont let me go. Would it be illegal for to leave with him since he's 19?


Kristina - January 20

Well, I am in Canada so I'm not entirely sure what the rules there are...but here you can legally move out of your parents place at 16. I don't think it matters how old your boyfriend is. My hubbys parents got MARRIED when his mom was 16 and his dad was 19. That was awhile back though haha.


Rayna - January 20

Well, I would consider yourself lucky that she's just not letting you move - if you're in the america, she could have had him arrested for rape!


Kristina - January 21

I think it is ridiculous that a 19 year old can get arrested for being with a 16 year old. I don't think it's the same in the states. I wasn't with my now hubby until I was 18, and he was 27...that's alot bigger of an age gap but apparently it doesn't matter cause I am a whole 2 years older. It's BS if you ask me. 3 years difference is nothing.


Kristina - January 21

16 and 19 isn't that big of a deal. If she was 16 with someone who was 25...sure, that would be a huge deal. My brother dated one of my friends when we were 16, and he was 19. It was nothing. Don't forget males mature later then they're probably right in link for maturity. You say a 19 year old is out of highschool, and that it matters until you are 18 years of age. So what if a grade 10 student (16) was dating someone in grade 12 (18) and the next year he graduated...the girl would still only be 17 and he would be finished highschool....So should they break up now? I don't think so. That is only 1 more year difference.


Mommy - January 21

Wow, me and my DH and 4 years apart. Almost 5 and right now if we hadn't gotten together I wouldn't have my beautiful kids, or be living apart from my abusive parents, or being with the man I love. I was 15 when we got together and he was 19. As of right now we have been together almost 3 years, married for almost 1 year and are happy. Our kids have a mommy and daddy who love them and as for the developing thing I'm almost positive I have been done since I was like 13. I have not grown at all since I was in 5th grade, I wear the same bra size, same shoe size, I did wear the same pants size until I had my second child and I seem to be topping out at a whopping 4'11. My sister, who is 22, is 4'10.5 and my mom is 5'1. I highly doubt that I'm going to grow anymore at all seeing as I will be 18 in 9 days and haven't grown for the past 5 years.


Melissa - January 21

Well..thats my opinion and I am sticking to it. I guess we just have different views on this topic. I would not feel comfortable letting my 16 year old daughter be with a 19 year old adult man. People may find it ridiculous.....but it wont be ridiculous when their minor daughter comes home knocked up by an adult and you have legal issues and all sorts of other problems on the way. No thank you. Id rather play it safe.How about no dating at all?


Rachael - January 22

Well, i dont know where you live, but in teh state of michigan, wnhe ur 17 you can move out, and your parents cant stop you, so its only at the most a year away...



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