My Moms Lettin A Drunk Live In Our House And Im 7 Months

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Savanah - November 12

im 15 and 7 months pregnant, my boyfriend is still with me and him and his family love me alot. They want me to move in with the family that has been homeschooling me since i got pregnant because my mom just met another guy and let him move in a week after knowing him. I really love my mom, but she won't get rid of this guy. What should I do.


hey - November 12

you should tell your mom and ask her. you could also go to a counselor and tell them about your situation...they will help you


... - November 12

Move out. If you're old enough to have a child then you should be old enough to take care of yourself.


Savanah - November 12

im also only 15 and my job is a waitress at the restuarant that my mom owns, i can't move out and take care of myself when it isn't even legal. She won't listen to me


Jbear - November 12

Do you feel like you're in some danger from the guy, or is it just that it's uncomfortable having a stranger in the house? If you're not in some sort of danger, maybe you should wait it out. Your mom is ent_tled to a s_x life...and unless she's an alcoholic too she probably won't tolerate the guy for long. She wants to feel attractive and wanted, and if the guy's really hard up for a place to live he'll be charming at first, but a drunk can't keep it up for very long. Soon she'll get tired of coming home from work and finding him pa__sed out on the couch cradling his half-gallon of cheap vodka, and she'll tell him it's time to move on.


.... - November 13

Savanah, if you can't take care of yourself, how do you plan to take care of your baby?


Savanah - November 14

um... i can take care of myself, i have been taking care of me and my brother and sister since i was 7, when my dad use to knock out my mom and take her money and leave, i've had a job as a waitress for 3 1/2 yrs. and i make good money on my own, and my baby's daddy has 2 jobs, you don't need to be such a b___h. all i wnt to know is what to do about my mom whos other boyfriend she brought home 3 years ago and let him move in, raped me. i don't want this guy in my house with me and m,y baby


Ellie - November 14

Hi there, I just had a daughter and im 16, so i can empathize where you are comin from i wouldnt want my baby around a drunk either, especialy after what you went though wit hyour moms X, I suggest moving in with your Boyfriends family, if he is going to make an effort to be the father and understand te situation there shouldnt be a problem, everyone deserves a chance at a real family, maybe if you move out your mom will realize what she is doing it tearing HER family appart.


.... - November 14

Savannah, I wasn't trying to be a b___h. You said yourself in your second post that you couldn't take care of yourself, I was simply making a comment on what you stated....QUOTE: "i can't move out and take care of myself". What you should do is quite simple, move out and take care of yourself and your baby. If you are going to be a mother then you are going to have to be adult and do what is right for you and the child. You are no longer her responsibility to look after, and if she is bringing home these wierdos then you quite simply need to go for the sake of your child.


meg - November 14

It sounds like your just as concerned for your brother and sister.You might want to find a family member to take in the three almost four of you.(if there is one)It shouldn't be your job but you will most likely feel quilty if you don't help them.You are in a tuff spot.I wish I could be of more help.It's been said before but find a teen center.They will have someone who could really help you better then anyone here probibly can.


Desteny - November 15

Tell your mom how you feel and that you dont feel safe with him around you. She should respect your concerns and put her children before the drunkin man.



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