My Mum Is Making Me Go Through With It

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emily - December 20

i have found a couple of weeks ago am pregnant. and i told my mum and she was upset whish i can upset seems i am only 16, but now she is makin me get rid of the baby when i dont want to. i think abortion is a horrible think and i know she is doing for the best but i dont want her to but i cant say or do any thing to make her see. please help i havent go long until i go doctors!


Iyla - December 20

If you do not want an abortion DO NOT GO. You don't have to and your mum cannot make you do it or force you at all. The doctor will not perform the procedure without your consent because you are 16. Tell the clinic doctor this and they will not perform the abortion. Tell your mother its your responsibility and you will do as you wish. She has no right to force such a thing on you, and legally she can't. Don't let her do this to you, it happened to me and I ended up hating and resenting my mother so much I put her in hospital and I haven't spoken to her since. Don't let your mother do the same to you.


Katy - December 20

Your mum can't force you, the doctors will ask for your consent before the proceedure goes ahead. Good Luck :)


t - December 20

Legally she can't. Tell your Dr. Worst case scenario you can go to a home for PG teens until you have your baby and decide whether you want to keep it or not.


sabrina - December 20

she cant make you do anything, its your body, your life, and most importantly your baby,not hers.


....................... - December 20

I was forced to have an abortion by my mum(i was 23) and yes i hated her for a bit, but now i thank her,am so glad i didn't have that baby.i thank my mum every day that she made me have the termination because i wouldnt have the life i have now.Your mother is thinking of you and doing the best by you.If you want the baby then you will be lonely,with no money,no mother no nothing.Have the abortion and learn by your mistakes,believe me if you have this kid you will regret it


Lauren - December 20

Emily, Follow your heart! Tell your mom what you feel is right. She can not MAKE you have an abortion, and just remember as soon as that baby is created, a heartbeat begins which symbols a life! What if she would have killed you? Your heartbeat? Think about it and stick up for yourself!


amber - December 21

Emily, you can decide for yourself if you want an abortion or not. Tell your Dr your feelings, dont let your mom force you to do anything. You are old enough to decide for yourself.... Best of luck!


tell the doctors - December 22

Tell the doctors by honone or however that you don't want an abortion, and that your mum wants you too, they should be able to support you


Jessica - December 23

Dont do it. She cannot make you have an abortion. If you want to keep the baby that is your choice. If you don't want the baby please put it up for adoption so people who have always wanted a baby can her him/her and love the baby. Teen mothers can make it and do well for themselves but if your not ready for it you can still live your life and know that your baby is with people that love him/her. I wish you th best of luck.:)


Nicole - December 23

She CANNOT make you get rid of your child, if YOU want to keep your child then YOU keep it, she cant make you do anyhting, and PLEASE dont do it just to make her happy or because she wants to because i know that you will regret it later on in life


For the best - December 23

It will sound so harsh of me but i think your mother is only looking out for you and your best interests,if you love her you will accept that you should have the abortion.You may hate your mother for a bit,but then you will realise her reasons and you will look back on it as a blessing in disguise - babies are hard work and are a cop out for these teens so they dont have to get a job.if more of them had abortions then the country wouldnt be so fed up and angry about working hard only for our hard earned wages be used for welfare for these silly teens


NIcole - December 23

babys are hard work but what in life isnt hard work anymore, her mom maybe looking out for her best intrests but telling her to do something that she dont want to do can fly both ways, she could get one and then look bad and regret it or like it, or she can not have one and look at it and love it or she can give the child up for adoption, whats the point in having an abortion when you can save a life and just give it up for adoption?/ Please it dont make any sence


becuz - December 23

If you have the child then give it up for adoption,the poor girl will never be able to get on with her life,knowing that her child is out there somewhere and will one day want to meet the mother who gave it away.The child will alwyas have issues knowing its mother gave it away-then will probably have mental health issues and blame it all on its mother not wanting it and giving it away.HOW is that a good option????Abortion is by far the sensibleist option.I had an abortion not so long ago,i would never have had that thing and give it up.Yous can go on about giving it up to loving people who cant have kids but thats not my fault they cant have kids is it?Everything happens for a reason and if people were supposed to have kids then they would be able to.



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