My New Boyfriend Will Not Use Condoms What Shall Is Do

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Zara - September 6

i just started seeing this guy. i am 15 and he is 19. he already has 2 kids with 2 girls. he says he does not want to use condoms and that babies are fun. he says he will dump me soon if i don't give him s_x. i really do not want to have a baby but i really love him too. i have not had s_x before. what shall i do? is there something i can do to stop geting pregnant?


Cory - September 2

Consider a___l s_x.


Zara - September 2

what is a___l s_x? will it stop me getting pregnant?


Michelle - September 2

You are fifteen years old and if you dont feel that you need a baby at this moment in your life then dont! Is this the guy that you would like to loose your virginity to? Would you like to finish school? Would you like to be able to go drink? when you are older of course. There are so many things that need to be looked at before you make the decision to have a baby....and i respect you for asking for help before you do something that you regret. Is birth control a method you could consider? There is alot of different types out there I could tell you about then if you would like.


Michelle - September 2

a___l s_x is up your but! No it would not be the most effective way. I would not recommend it. And it would hurt too!


Melinda - September 2

a___l s_x does not hurt Michelle and you shouldn't knock it until you have tried it. Actually it feels alot better than regular s_x and it is fool proof against pregnancy. I am on the pill and I prefer a___l over v____al. You can always try it and decide for yourself.


LaTasha - September 2



michelle - September 2

I strongly disagree you can get pregnant his c_m is not going to necessarilly going to stay on your a__s.... It might not be everyday that someone gets pregnant this way but there are definately better methods out there


brucen - September 2

Dump him! Why is he not with the mothers of his children, if kids are so much fun? Is he being responsible for the other kids? If not why risk becoming mother #3? How do you know he is not still sleeping with the other mothers? You have no idea who they may be having s_x with or if they are using condoms with the other guys. So not only are you sleeping with this guy, but you are sleeping with everyone else he sleeps with as well everyone else they sleep with. It is worth the risk of getting a s_xually transmitted disease? Is your own life less important to you than him leaving you? The fact that he would threaten to dump you if you do not have s_x with him is an indication that he doesn't really care about you, but about s_x. If he cared about you and wanted to be with you, he would wait until you were ready to have s_x. Instead of trying to force you to do it by saying he will leave if you don't.


brucen - September 2

cont. Having unprotected a___l s_x with this guy is riskier in terms of contracting a s_xually transmitted disease than v____al s_x. This is because of little tears that a___l s_x causes no matter how much lubrication is used or how gentle the penetration is. The a__s is designed for exits, not entries. Also, though unlikely it is still possible to become pregnant from a___l s_x. If sperm were to leak from your a__s to your v____al area, then pregnancy is possible. If you do decide to have a___l s_x with this guy make sure he cleans (with soap and water) his fingers, p___s, or anything else that comes in contact with your a__s BEFORE touching your v____a. There are bacteria that live in the a__s, which could cause infection if introduced to the v____a. As far as a___l s_x being pleasurable, it depends on the YOUR personal preferences. You can see some agree that it is pleasurable while other do not. Only you will know what works for you.


Michelle - September 2

yust so that you know i have tried a___l s_x!


Viv - September 2

The only thing this guy is good at is making young girls fall in love and have s_x without protection. He's a loser. If he doesn't already have a s_xually transmitted disease, he soon will have. Dump him. When the time eventually comes for you to become s_xually experienced, use a condom every time, plus one of the other forms of birth control like pill, patch or ring.


Fannie - September 2

I am a a___l s_x practicer and BruceN's comment, "Having unprotected a___l s_x with this guy is riskier in terms of contracting a s_xually transmitted disease than v____al s_x" is simply not true (stick to what you know brucen). The risk of transmitting STD/HIV in the a__s over the v____a is equal!! There is not a greater chance in either place-- IT IS EQUAL. I am a NURSE AND I KNOW THIS AS A FACT!!. If the person you are having s_x w/be it a___l, v____al or oral s_x has an STD/HIV your chances of catching it are great/equal especially if you are not using a condom and a condom is not fool proof. Also, teenage girls have a bacteria in their v____a which is called THRUSH-- if a boy goes down on a teenage girl then he has a chance of getting THRUSH in his mouth (Thrush is only found in teenage girls). Thrush in the mouth will appear to be like a greenish-white growth on the tongue and down into the throat. The boy will become very ill. Note, thrush is not an STD/HIV. Anyway, I do agree w/bruceN on the fact that you should dump this bozo! If this bozo loved you he would not pressure or threaten you into s_x. If he was a real man you would be taking care of the kids he already has and not trying to have more than he already has. Although I understand and I know it will be hard, do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can from this guy. Your first time should be special and you will regret giving your virginity to this bozo! Be safe and true to yourself, hun.


! - September 2

Your a nurse are you Fannie? I highly doubt it as having a___l s_x does have a higher risk of pa__sing on disease! so shut up!


Ruthie - September 2

! - You need to get informed. The chances are equal.


Bryant - September 2

The nurse is correct dumb a__s!


To Zara - September 2

Use your lead, if you even have to ask other people what you should do.. you are pretty clueless.



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