My Partner Is Changing

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Ciera - December 16

me and my partner have had s_x three times on the second time i got pregnant now he is actin different toward me and saying that it is not his when all of the dates add up wat should or can i do?


Monica - December 16

You better tell him to get him mind straight, don't be scared cuz he wasn't scared when he was have s_x with you and now he doesn't want to take care of his responsibility!WWWWWhhhhAATTTT ??!?!? he better get real, and act like he kno! Anyway, 4real tho, i'm pregnant to and my bf says that it's really scary knowing that your going to be a father and all , wondering if your going to be a good father or being able to provide for your child and i know how scared he is and your partner is probably just as scared as my bf is, he needs to talk to someone before he makes the biggest mistake of his life (walking out on his child). try to get someone to talk to him and tell him that everythings going to be ok and to take care of his responsibility and don't punk out and be a b**ch about it. If he old enough to make the baby he's old enough to try to do the best he can to help u raise it. good luck, if you have anymore questions e-mail me [email protected], and i'll get my bf to write to him, he has some really good advice.:)


E - December 17

There is always a two week window in the time a woman concieved and how the due date that is calculated. I would ask him to accompany you to an appt and have the doctor explain this to him. If he is still acting difficult, you should order a paternity test when the baby is born. He is likely scared and this may have nothing to do with the dates and everything to do with his level of immaturity. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that. Good luck:)


jenn - December 22

well like the others said hes prob scared but scared or not procautions were not taken and the two of you must resume responsibility... have him go to at least one appt with you si that you both can ask the questions you need to... trust me ask everything dont be embarresed cause thats what the dr is there for. if he still acts like he wants to jet then let him have it.... i mean wouldnt it be better to have to pay fo a child that your involved with because if he walks out on you, you can get his wages garnished for child support... i dont know about you but i much rather spend time with my child and be there to love them, not just be a $ and sperm donator



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