My Period Is A Few Weeks Late And I Had

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aisha - December 27

s_x around 5 weeks ago then todaay i went to the toilet and all this stuff came out...blood and clots or wateva!! it looked like big bits of raw liver...about 4 big lumps came out and i have been bleeding loads n loads ever since!! i also took the morning after pill about 5 weeks ago this a miscarraige or what??????? should i got to the hospital somebody help me!!!!! im only 16 i dont know wut to do!! help plz thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


aisha - December 27

can someone give me sum advise plz!! d__n................................................


sarah - December 27

hey... yes it might have been a miscarriage.. you should go to the doctor and get it checked out...


Hilary - December 27

I doubt it. Clots can happen. If no pain.... then I reallllly doubt it. It could be heavier due to the Morning After pill


aisha - December 27

i do have pains...and i told my mom, she said 2 just wait for it to all come out and i'll be alright. these arn't jus normal clots!! like with a period they are huge!! like big pieces of raw liver


jenn - December 27

well it sound to me like your preg term due to the morning after pill.... you should go to the dr to make sure that its all clean and ok because if it doesnt all come out then there is a possibility of having a hard time concevieng in the future... good luck


Sam. - December 28

I'm with them. It could have been a miscarraige and you need to go to the doctor asap just to be sure.


aisha - December 28

so........the morning after pill didnt work then???????


aisha - December 28

oh yeah!! thanks for the advice yall!!!!! i appreciate it!!


tee - December 28

Go to the doctor straight away. If there is any tissue left inside it can cause infection and BIG problems.


Hilary - December 28

Im so sorry I didn't realize you had cramps. You should make an appointment ASAP


AISHA - December 31



gm - January 7

what happened? Are you okay?



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