My Poor Little Boy And Stupid Ass Doctors

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durante baby - January 17

So we have all been very sick the past fwew weeks with this horrible flu going around...Well my oldest son got it a few weeks ago. I took him and my infant to the ped. and she perscribed them NOTHING insuring me they were getting over it. Last thursday, my oldest son took a turn for the worst, and was no longer eatting or drinking, cause his cough was so bad he would throw everything up instantly. I decided it was time to take a trip to urgent care...Meanwhile my newborn seemed to be getting alot better. Urgent care perscribed my son, Amoxicilian, and tylonal w/cod for his cough..he even perscribed him some allergy meds to help his runny nose. So now my oldest is getting alot better.....................So yesterday morning my newborn was running a 100deg fever. He seemed rather sniffly, but his botton gums were swollen, so we all asumed it was teething more then being sick, gave him baby tylonal and he was okay.....VERY early this morn I wake up, and panicked cause he hadnt really woken up throughout the night, whenI checked on him he was awake in his crib (quiet which was weird) I immediately saw he was breathing funny, felt his head and he felt like he was on fire. took his tempature and it was 103.1 deg! I FLIPPED out, grabbed both my kids through them in the car, and I was going to go to the hospital but quick care was closer. They immediately got me back there, and the dr came, the dr tried to assure me that he was just teething...I started flipping out at the dr telling him. "NO THIS ISNT NORMAL! ARE YOU CRAZY?" Until he finally refered me to just go to the hospital...When we got there they exspected us so took us right back, several hours on a breathing machine, pedialite, and a chest x-ray later we are home....The dr said that 103 fever IS NOT normal at all! and that he was glad I brought him...His lungs have been labored so much to help him breath, that he is breathing through his stomach....I am very scared because he said that I should get him back in with our ped as soon as he is better, because he has a suspition that he may have a problem with his lungs out side of being sick...Im so scared, but so happy my little boy is home and his fever is back down......Anyways I just wanted to vent for a minute, cause I am really P**sed at the way my ped, and urgent care has neglected to see the obvious....He is a newborn, they need to start doing their job alot better! UGH!!!!!


tish212 - January 17

aw db I'm sorry that really sucks! I can't believe some drs they r in such a hurry to answer the problem they don't take the time to actually find out what's going on. I really hope ur lil boy is ok that's gotta be so scary! keep me posted and maybe if u can u should switch drs? since ur reg didn't seem concerned at all.


britt_m - January 17

OMG thats so scary. My daughter all of a sudden was fussy all evening a few weeks ago. Wouldn't even stay asleep so I let her stay awake with us and brought her to bed with us as well. She screamed until 3am when finally I told DH to get the thermometer, I did it up the b___t (poor thing) it said 103.8 and I pulled it out and jumped in the car. I left her in a t-shirt as it was cool out, not cold tho. We came home with nothing but tylenol and no explanation. It seems like they should have tried a little harder to figure out what caused it. But I sympathize, doctors these days go through school too fast or something as I don't think many of them know what there doing. I'm so sorry you had to go thru this, I hope everythings better now.


durante baby - January 17

Oh i deffinately plann on switching ped....We had a really good one but she recently moved out of state after getting married....So Im on the look out again.....but he is doing alot better tonight thankfully...well see tomorrow. Im going to be all parinoid too!....britt I sympathise for drs as well...but at the same time, they should try to get a little more on the job training....ugh off to bed if I can sleep


MelissaP - January 18

the problem with these doctors, especially in urgent cares, is that they see SO MUCH of fevers/coughs, etc. They are so quick to write off anyone who comes in with those symptoms without checking thoroughly because they are so used to seeing it. Eventually these doctors end up with a horrible bedside manner, and tend not to listen when patient's really have something going's quite sad. I know this because I work in an emergency room and I see it often. It's not right. I am glad your children are all ok!! =)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 18

I can't sympathise with doctors, they are in for paychecks, not patients. JMO but I do feel so sad for your children and hope you find a good doctor, its not fair to your children. I hope he recovers quick and nothing is wrong..poor baby, just give them lots of hugs and kisses.



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