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bex - May 11

eya, I'm Becca and this is my story from the very begining. I was 15 just when i got pregnant with my boyfriend it was not planned, i didnt find out i was pregnant until 14/15 weeks gone on september 15th(my dads birthday) the day before i went to the docters and did a test and i came back negivtive i was sooo happy thats i wasn't pregnant but the docter said i still think you are i just burst in to tears, so he took some blood and booked me for a scan the next day(15th). When i got home i told my mum i was crying so hard as i waled through the door she was like whats the matter sweetie and i just told her she was so nice about it completely understanding i was so relieved.Your probably wondering why i didnt find out till 15 weeks i had 2 normally periods thats why. So my mum came with me to the hospital i remeber i had to drink loads and couldnt pee i was desperate for the loo then they called my name i started to shake and then they did the ultrasound there was a baby inside of me they said "your pregnant" i just got up and walked out crying and crying i didnt talk for the rest of the day i was in complete shock, i new i had to tell my dad but it was his birthday how could i drop a bomb sh__l on him like that so i waited till the next day putting it off as much i as i could and then i did it he was furious for like an hour then he gave me hug and said he loved me i started two cry yet again, at that time it felt like all i did was cry. Then i told my boyfriend uh oh he was stunned i dont thinkl he believed me to be honest all he said was abortion and i was like "no way" i just couldnt do it so i didnt. It took my boyfriend 2 months to come to termd with it he finally excepted his responsabilitys when we went for the big check uo scan i was 21 weeks and 3 days at this time he saw out baby on the screen and just wept with happyness i was properly happy for the first time since i found out, i was going to have a baby ahhhhhh!!! i had a few complications during pregnancy but nothing to bad which was great. then a couple of months later i went into labour i was 5 days late, i was in labour for 10 1/2 hours wasnt that bad, and i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called paris- summer on the 10th march 11:34 am she weighed 7lbs 14. I was over the moon i had her FINALLY after all this time of waiting. I had to have forceps during birth and she was face up and stuck under my pubic bone but they were the only complications. So now she is 2 months old and beautiful. i have to say to all you teen mums to be you can do it you just have to have the will power and be satrong and reave, DEFENATLY dont let any body bring or put you down. I love being a mum its wonderful yes it is hard at times but what isnt im doing my exams later on this month so scared. So let me know what your think and if you have any questions.


manda - May 11

congratulations,sounds like you are doing a great job.this proves that teenagers can do it and you dont all need to turn to abortion,face your responsibilities like becca did.


JenniferB - May 11

Congratulations on your little girl. You are blessed to have parents that support and love you. Some girls aren't so lucky. Have a wonderful time with your little bundle of joy :0)


to last post - May 12

Go find another hobby besides finding people to harra__s and upset, how pathetic.


erica - May 12

wow becca i give you a lot of credit im scared and im 19, i mean congrats on ur girl and good luck... you got ne pics?


Nanna Ronni - May 14

Hi Becca I know a bit about you as you talk to my Kayleigh quite a bit, all l can really say is you are a great kid and you have been a great support to Kayleigh and baby Torey, so dont let anyone grind you down and if ever you need someone just tell Kayleigh and l will be there, my msn is


becca - May 16

aww thanx all, yea kayliegh is so nice and shes been so much help if only we lived closer how u no kayliegh torey is a beautiful baby thnx :>


me - May 20

to the person who wrote the bit " Name: u litlle s___t | Date: May 19, 2005, 12:54 " you are an idiot, go and read your history books and read them good. our culture only changed to like 18 and onwards in the early to mid 1800s. why cause before than life exptancy was only to the your mid 40s~50s and many places in the world to day it is still that and many cultures declare that at 13 your an adult. we wouldnt have a culture if we waited till we were in our mid 20s or 30s think about it read your history book,



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