My Story Grandpa Viv Or Somebody Please Help

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NiCkSMoMmiE - March 1

okay i know this is very stupid of me but heres my story....well im 17 and i have a 15 month old...i love him to death i would do anything for him! and after he was born i got on birth control....i took estro-step and after a while it made me VERY VERY i would get very angry at times and very sad like depressed kind of sad other times....i would get offended easily and all this...and to top it off my stomach would hurt when i took it and i felt like i was gonna throw up other times.....(and NO im not pregnant ive taken tests and i have had my periods)...but after i felt sick i quit taking the birth control and honestly ive been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend (stupid i know...its just condoms honestly hurt me really bad!) but my last period was kinda weird....lasted longer but wasnt red it was like a brownish color (sorry) ....could this be an after effect of not taking the birth control...or could it be something more? i really need not freaking out with thinking i am unless i miss this months period..but what are my chances? thanks! please no rude comments!


Jbear - March 2

It could be from stopping the birth control. Just because you had side effects with one birth control pill doesn't mean that you will with another. Sometimes you have to try a few to find the one that works well for you. Call your doctor or go to a clinic and see about trying a different pill, or a different method altogether, like nuva ring, or an iud if you know you don't want more kids for a few years.


Grandpa Viv - March 2

If you have gotten into the habit of having unprotected s_x, you will be pregnant within a year, and probably much less. Buy some Astroglide or KY Jelly to ease the condom problem, AND talk to your doctor about some other form of hormones which will not upset your system so much. NuvaRing sounds like a good bet provided you make sure to check that it is still in place after each encounter. Take another test if you miss. Good luck!



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