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NO WAY - August 1

Hi guys...I have a problem, I think. Well,me and my teacher haqve been messing around for like a year, and now he wants to stop because he's hearing bout all these other teachers getting into trouble. Well, I just took a preg. test this morning and it came out +++! He took my V and he is married-should I tell him or should I just abort or adopt or what? I don't even know where to begin! Help


Kelly - August 1

I am a birthmother. If I can help you with anything please let me know. Good Luck. [email protected]


missy - August 1

tell him


Trina - August 1

I am a person. First you need to figure out what you want to do about the baby. Whether you would like to carry the baby to term and raise it or adopt or abort. These are all choices available to you and you should pick the one that suits you best- regardless of what others not related to you have to say. Your teacher was taking advantage of his position and more importantly of you. Even if he did/does love you and you him--what he did was wrong. You can choose to keep him out of it so that keeps his job that he is surely going to lose if this is found out. I don't think its a good idea because who is to say he won't do it again. If you decide to abort or (or if you just want more info about any of your choices)you can call Planned Parenthood. In some states you do not require parental permission for an abortion, however you will need to check out what the age is for you state. I wish you the very best of luck.


LOL - August 1

Shutup Dumba__s.


K - August 4

ok, so maybe your having your teachers baby, you didn't have to go into such detail about it. It makes it sound unbelievable. Do you want your baby growing up in this situation? I'm against abortion...I would really look into adoption though. A baby doesn't need to be brought into an emotionally harmful situation. A mother who can make this beautiful decision for her baby's future is a strong woman, Good luck and please take this into consideration!!


helpful - August 4

Tell your parents what is going on. This teacher took advantage of you. You need to report him. This is against the law. Your parents can help you make the right decision regarding the pregnancy. Good Luck!!


nicole - August 17

hi no way! i and my husband want to adopt, so if you choose to go through the adoption path for your baby then please let me know at: [email protected]


no - August 17

u can tell him have the give it up for adoption


ragen - August 17

sounds like adoption would be for the best for the both of u, and how far along ru and how old ru??


Sally - August 18

Turn his a__s in. If he was screwing you he find another little girl to screw this year. Have you found out if you are preggo for sure?


To: No Way - August 19

First off, how old are you, and how old it your teacher??? If you are under 18 and he is over 18, then you can turn his a__s in for rape & s_xual harra__sment! You need to tell someone! Tell your parents and the police! Don't talk to that guy again if you do not have to! Good Luck!



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