Name Game

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Xloopy_lou_0791X - January 26

what you do is type in the name you are giving baby and then the next person says if they like it or not and tell us the name the thinking off and so on for a girl: Tia-Elyse OR Elyse-Tia for a boy: Dean-Paul


Amanda18 - January 26

Sorry not really fond of your names. DH is set for Emma or Aiden. I like Emily or Paxton for a girl and probably Aiden or Tyler for a boy.


Innocence_Alive - January 26

Well, I don't knwo if I'm pregnant yet or not, but if I end up to be, I already have names. lol I like Apollo, that's very different and intersting and so isAiden, very nice! hehe Fore me, if i were to have agirl: Lillith(or Lillian) Abigail or Riley Elizabeth, boy: Adrienn Joseph (or Caleb ____)


lil-miss-saunders - January 27

I like really different names .... i dont mind the names you chose innocence_Alive although they are not really my thing! If i have a girl then she will be named Ciara Angel (ciara is pronounced key-ara) ... i also liked Kia and keiki ( pronounced kiki) but not many people like them lol! And for a boy i like Shane and Teejai ( pronounced TJ)


YoungLove - January 27

I live with a girl who's baby is "ciara"... but it's pronounced "Sierra". Still very pretty. If I have a boy, his name will be Jack, and a girl will be Ryan. Why Ryan? Because I grew up with a very popular, very girly name that doesn't fit me at all, and I want my little girl to have a name that is all her own. Plus, I think it's pretty.


abriamiacadia - January 27

...Jack...mmmm its really common lol. hmmm but Ryan, I think that could grow on me. Girl name for me is either Laila Marie or Aryana Rose...and a boy name is Lucas Allen. Ha ha that was posed to be my name but i came out THINGYLESS lol


YoungLove - January 27

I -love- the name Laila. I always wanted to name a girl Adalaide... but I think that's a bit too old fashioned. I like Jack for a boy's name just cause I think it's a killer name. I can't decide on a middle name, though... Is it okay to just skip the middle name? not traditional, I suppose.... but why not?


morganengel88 - January 30

Well I lost my baby in december but im bored so Im gonna answer....Adalaide is very unique, which is cool..Jack is super common, but a good name...if my baby was a girl I was going to name her Camryn Elizabeth and if it was a boy either Austin Michael or Logan Howard(Howard is my grandpas name so thats why I have that for the middle name)


MLB06 - January 30

Elyse and definitly not dean


SaraH - January 30

okay this is outside of the game but lil-miss-saunders, just wanted to say I have a cousine names Key-ara, but it's spelt K'jara. Anyways, since I'm posting anyways, I'll add onto the game, I like Elyse and Morgan I really like all of your names, and I'm really sorry for you lose. If my dh and I have boy it will be Jayden Allen, and if it's a girl we're thinking Alley Grace or Alley Joy but not sure.


tennesseewlkr07 - February 2

I think Jayden is very pretty alley really isnt my cup of tea though. If I have a boy its name will be Landen Parker, i also considered Keegan and Ayden. If i Have a girl it will be Ryleigh Brooke (brooke is my sisters middle name) i also considered Abigail and Mackezie


Kiimi - February 2

love your names, we are suck on Anthony and Jade


tennesseewlkr07 - February 2

okay so i know that i said that i like Landon parker for a boy but kevin dosent really like it , he wants justin to be the middle name (after his best friend that died) so we were looking at Keegan Justin Bradford? Thats the same initials as kevins


Tony Castro LUVS Hitler - February 4

thats very nice but i have already named my kids broken condom and adolf


babyonboard16 - February 4

I think what you should have named your kid is condom fell off because your obviously ashamed of something to be wasting yor time like this.



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