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nancy - September 22

i'm 15 and 7 months pregnant. I'm having a little girl. I have no idea what I should name her!!! Idont really like any of the girls names thta I know of. Does anyone have any ideas for a really good name! help!


linda - September 22

I think destiny would make a pretty name.


.... - September 22



Lexus - September 22

I like the name Tatyanna


Cru - September 23

Cruthelleausa. We have 3 in our family.


Jessica - September 23

I am hispanic so i like "latin" names, i love the name jacinta (jah-senta).


carley - September 28

Lori is a nice and diff name


Jennifer - September 28

i like the name Jalyne Rae...


secrets - October 5

my friend's little girl is called Niamh, it's a lovely name and unusual. It is Scottish gaelic and pronounced 'neev'. the Niamh i know is the most bubbly, sweet and perfect baby. she's well behaved and sooo adorable! use the name Niamh even if only for her middle name.Good luck with your baby honey, I'm sure she'll be gorgeous no matter what you call her! xxx


E - October 5

I like: Bella, Mia, Sophia


Jen - October 5

I like the name Jennifer, lol. I also like the name Jordan for a boy and Jordyn for a girl. How about Leah? Do not name her destiny, that shoulds like a s___t name. How about Kaylee or Kayla...go to


Shorty - October 6



Shorty - October 6

I like Dakota, or Maddison, or Leticia, Cheyanne ( Pronounced Shyanne) Holly, Dinae ( Pronounced Dinaye)


Jenn - October 6

My favorite girls names are: Astrid, Melody, Angelina, Trista and Trinity.


Aoibhe - October 6

My little girls name is Aoibheann (pronounced aav-een..the a being like A b c not Ah?!) It means beautiful radiance. I also like Criodha (pronounced cree-a) and Caoibhe (pronounced Kee-va). Hailie and Gracieare also two nice, non-irish ones. Im having a boy and am stuck on that one too so any nice boy suggestions appreciated, x


red - October 6



Sara - October 6

Hey! You should visit and click on talk. A lot of other teenmamas there.



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