Nausea Help For During Class

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midnight_drift - May 15

Alright, so I am in class, and I feel SHITTY!!! SDFJSDKLF! I feel like throwing up, but I know I wont, I'm just realllyyy nauseous.(Spelling?) So I don't really know what to do. I can't really bring food with me, so like, is there anything that I can do to get it off my mind, or like, help with it at all? Is it also common to get headaches often during pregnancy? I mean I had them pretty often, but then I have been getting one for the past three days and it sucks! Is this something I should bring up with the doctor?


EricaLynn - May 15

Id bring up anything and everything you have a question about. As for your morning sickness try eating some saltines or somthing, drink ice water, and if all else fails ask the dr they can perscribe medicine for your sickness.


ksmom - May 15

Hey Midnight, sorry to hear bout your m/s. Ive heard and read on here that "seabands" are supposed to work great, myself i didnt know bout them my first preg, but when i come preg again i think im gonna try them out. I heard alot of GOOD things bout them. You can buuy them at walmart. Hope you feel better soon :)


Emma2 - May 15

I got these amazing pills from my dr. that are to be taken either 4 daily or only when needed. They stop all nausea and I couldn't live without them. Ask about them they work miracles!


quinnies_mommy - May 15

If you can take a drink with you, Take a small bottle of perrier. It will have the same effect on your stomach as sprite, but minus the sugars and stuff. Just take a sip every few minutes. It will help alot.


corinne - May 16

I agree with Emma2 my doc perscribed me some anti nausea pills when I was pregnant but therefore I didn't need them because I didn't get morning sickness. But then again while I waited for my kidney infection to go away and felt sick from that i took the medication and they took the sickness feeling away every thime.


midnight_drift - May 16

Oh thank you guys sooooo much. It's good, cause I can go shopping for things tomorrow, and I am going to the doctor today because I have nausea almost every day, all day long, until I eat something, then it goes away for say... half an hour!


Emma2 - May 16

If you are anything like me , nothing , nothing , NOTHING will take away the constant all day nausea and without those pills I would have died!


frankschick2001 - May 17

If you can't bring food in, try hard candies or lollipops. THat helps me a little bit.


Ddvinson3 - May 17

This may sound dumb but if you go to Motherhood Maternity they have these things called "preggie drops" or "preggie pops" it's hard candy and it's supposed to help with morning sickness. My husband got them for me and it actually helped me wheather it was actually the candy or if it was in my head it sure did make me feel better. So you might want to try them. Good luck!


midnight_drift - May 17

Thanks guys! I'm really glad that you all helped me so much!


sarah elizabeth - May 17

ginger root works. try gettin polar ice or w/e its called ginger ale, anything with real ginger will settle your stomach. :)


midnight_drift - May 17

Thanks sarah elizabeth ^_^!



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