Need A Friend

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none - October 13

Hey everyone, well i just thought i start a post where everyone can make friends and give/get advice/support. How is everyone?? Well, i am looking forward to helping somebody anyway i can.


lauren - October 13

are you pregnant thn? im 16 an 7an a half weeks xxxx


none - October 14

to lauren no i am not but i know tons about pregnancy, labor and delivery. ask me anything.


Vicky - October 15

aww your so nice starting up a thread like this! what do you adivse me to keep in mind/plan when im in labour and how much should i save up for crib, pram, car seat etc..all the babies esentials!


lonely - October 15

please help me im so alone. in 18 and 17 weeks pregnant i feel so alone my mum is great but my boyfriend keeps treating me realy bad. he goes out at the weekend and gets so drunk that he throws up all over the walls and has even had a poo in the bath before because he didnt know what he was doing. it breaks my heart because i dont drink now im preggers and i dont go out. my best mate has just got a new boyfriend and doesnt really make time for me anymore. ive threatend to leave but nothing works he does this every weekend can someone give me some advice. i dont want to lose him but he hurts me so much when he does this i dont sleep and i lose my appit_te x


none - October 15

to Vicky: Hey, how are you?? just keep in mind that you need to trust your body. do what your body tells you to do and BREATH. baby's cost alot of money so should save up to between $50-300. Good luck!!! i hope i helped some.


none - October 15

to lonely: awww im soo sorry your bf is treating you really bad. (((((hugs)))) girl and congrats on your pregnancy!!! Heres my advice: my advice for you to sent him down when hes not drunk and tell him how you really feel. its always better to tell the truth. Well good luck!!! ((((((hugs)))))


Ginger - October 17

hi are there any pregnant 12 year olds out there my sister is one of them can any of u help me


none - October 17

to Ginger: how are you?? i would be glad to talk to you sister. how far along is she?? when is due?? good luck!!! ((((((((hugs))))))



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