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. - June 13

i need an abortion and no one can know is there anyway i cant do it on my own ? or have maybe one other perosn help?


Audrey - June 13

The safest way to get an abortion is to make an appointment at a clinic or a hospital. If you attempt to do it yourself you could end up with an infection, a ruptured uterus, or worse. Have an adult friend you trust take you to a doctor.


Jesussaves - June 14

I would reconsider. Abortion is wrong, it is killing a human being. However, you have the right, so it's totally up to you. You can't really do it yourself without risking infection or worse. Good luck in everything.


Ana - June 14

Never do it on your own. Go to a professional clinic. If you do it yourself or have some random friend help you, you could very easily die of hemmorage, or if part of the fetus is left inside you, you could develop an infection that could also kill.


Carri - June 14

Definitely see a medical professional go to either family planning or planned parenthood - it is possible to get emergency funding and they will also be able to help with that.


To . - June 14

Call Planned Parenthood. Also depending on where you live and how old you are, you may not have to tell your parents.


hate murderers! - June 14



To: Hate Murderers - June 16

This is Carri and I'm not normally like this but shut your d__n pie hole! It's not your life and no one needs your self righteous, moralistic c___p. I have had it with you people who can't see more than one side. You know, why don't you focus on your own life or, if you really feel the need to judge, go let your son die on a cross.


??? - June 18

Do u know what an abortion is? KNOW THE FACTS!! Go to before u decide!!!


to carrie - June 18

no need to be abusive she was just giving advice not to do it! and m is so right,but you dont seem to want to give her abuse...if these(me included) people feel strongly about it then so be it.


nicole - August 20

please reconsider having an abortion! there are so many people out there that cant have children and here you are wanting to get rid of yours! maybe you should think about adoption and not abortion!?!?!


karine - August 20

Seek profssional help, go to a clinic with someone you trust. if you do it on your own you risk that you be infertile later on in life when you think that the time for a baby will be right. and liek anyone lese is saying you can get emmorage or worse. and even maybe not do the procedure right and damaging your baby and yourself


Gem - August 20

Don't try anything by yourself or at home. You could die. Leave that stuff for a professional. Find a planned parenthood clinic. I heard they will give free abortions to girls under 18. They won't call your parents or anything.


Natalie - August 20

darlin, im completely against abortion, but i say each to their own. the problem we see here is that depending on how far along your pregnancy is, depends on the type of abortion you have. it will need to be monitored by a health care professional and you will need someone with you and not only will it be a rather painful experience, but your emotional well being will be jepodised. i would research it on the internet before you make any descisions but find someone to talk to before you go ahead with it


starlett - August 20

your baby is an innocent bystanderd, please please please reconcider!!!! its not your babys fault. give it up for adoption if your just not ready for that kind of responsibilty.


Shannon - August 20

YOUR baby has a heartbeat.


Steph - August 20

Definitly dont try to do it on your own. I am 19 and pregnant and truly considered an abortion. I even went to the clinic paid and undressed, at the last minute i changed my mind. But that is what was best for me. If you decide other wise then go to a clinic, they have payment plans and great advice. But remeber its YOUR CHOICE. Good Luck



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