Need Abortion

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Jaya - January 25

can i have a abortion at 30 weeks


tara - January 25

No. At this stage it is not allowed unless there is a risk to your health and a Dr. suggests it. Weather you NEED one or WANT one i suggest bringing this up with your Dr. or a counselor maybe they will be able to help you with what ever issues you are facing.


becca - January 25

its highly unlickly u can have one may i ask y ??


Kourtney - January 25

Thats horrible to have one at 30 weeks. You should have thought about it sooner. Deal with the consequences now.


tara - January 25

just so that you guys know...some people get very depressed just before the baby is born. it is a common thing that happens and talking with the Dr. or caregiver usually helps as they have dealt with this before.


kim j - January 25

3o weeks!!!!! r u crazy!!!!


missy - January 25

gotta be a joke come on now


Jaya - January 26

its not a joke i dont want it i dont want to be alive


? - January 26

I think you should go threw with it you could possible regret it big time in the futur,and look how late you've left it, if you go threw with it i feel sorry for the innocent babys life your taking!


to Jaya - January 26

this is common, even for married mothers to be with planned pregnancy, you realize how close everything is to truly changing your life. If you don't want the baby, then there is adoption, but what you are going through is common and it is very painful emotionally. If you need to talk about it, my e-mail is [email protected]


Jaya - January 26

i dont want to be reminded any more i hate been preg i hate the baby & ive been forced in to keeping it. peopel keep saying its not going to be adopted i dont want it


tara - January 26

Hi Jaya, No one can force you to keep the baby if you really don't want to. Your only other choice at this point is adoption. You can ask your Dr. to give you some agency names and go talk to them. There are lots of poeple waiting to adopt a child and I'm sure you will find a suitable couple to take care of this baby. And if afte rgiving birth you change your mind, you are free to do so. No one will hold it against you. That's the best thing you can do right to find an adoption agency either through your Dr. or through Panned Parenthood in your area.


to Jaya - January 26

Obviously you have internet access, you can also do research on adoption. I can't believe someone said no one would adopt the baby, there are soooooo many women out there who are waiting for a child, that want one no matter what that have been on the adoption waiting list for years. If you don't want this baby, they will.


To Jaya - January 26

Well, you don't have to keep it. I would suggest looking into some adoption agencies. I'd much rather see your baby get adopted, then have you raise it because you're being forced, when you don't even want him/her. That baby doesn't deserve that, and you don't deserve to be forced. But good luck with whatever you decide! Mommy2Kylie


Kellie - January 26

What happened that makes you hate the baby???


Jaya - January 27

i didnt want to have s_x and now my parents say that i have to keep it cos they dont want it adopted out but they said i have to look after it on my own cos they not responable for it. do i have to have ther permision to do adoption?


jenn - January 27

no you dont have to get their permisson. actually you should ask your doctor cause most states allow you to leave your baby in the hospital. or if you ddont want the baby take it to a hospital. anything is better than killing the child. so really research your options



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