Need Advive About My Babys Father

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tisha - April 15

i really need someones advice about my babys father. i don't know who fathered my baby, i am due in one month and i dont know who to put on the birth certificate. i had unprotected s_x with 27 men.what do i do? how do i find out which guy got me pregnant?


ZACK - April 15



Audrey - April 15

Tisha- Try to remember back to when it happened. A woman's most fertile time is days 9-16 of her cycle. Any man or men you had s_x with during that time might be the father. If you're serious about finding the father, have a DNA profile done of your child, and track down all the guys you had s_x with. Best of luck.


larry - April 15

WOW!!!!!!! that is alot of guys tisha, i hope it was worth it. if i were you i would get an AIDS test.


To Tisha - April 15

I think this is another case of a little girl who needs some pathatic attention. Grow up baby........ You would not know what to do if you had 27 men laying you. You couldn't even walk afterwards.......


tisha - April 15

i know nobody belives me but its true. i really dont care if you believe me or not im on here asking for advice.


here's some help - April 15

I'm not trying to get into your personal life.... everybody makes mistakes. The father's name doesn't have to be on the birth certificate. If you want to know who fathered your child, you can go to court and pet_tion twenty seven dna test. If you still remember each guy and know where they are. God bless you and good luck


27 - ya ok - April 15

27 men in one month? Not trying to call names but you MUST be a prost_tute, because who else has TIME to find, seduce, and have s_x with 27 men during one month?! And on top of that - if you really are a revolving door, then why bother keep count?! I mean... who does that?!


crystal - April 15

Shut up. You did not have s_x with 27 men. This has to be fake. no way someone did that. Thats like a diff. man every day.


Cindell - April 15

OMG...WTF!!!. Okay i'm not tryna be mean or nething...but 27 men WHAT DA HELL WERE U THINKING...i dont personally know you but it pretty much sounds like your a HOE not to be mean..and you prolly most likely have an go to tha doctors and get and HIV TEST!! because you probably got it. Girl you should be ashamed of yourself for sleeping wid all them men..ew thats nasty..not in a million of years i would never have unprotected s_x with that many men your one nasty girl.


TO YA'LL ACTIN'... - April 16

So where's the advice??? Haha. If you really cared about who the baby's father was... you shoulda thought about that earlier and asked yourself before each of the "27" rompings and said... HRM, do I want a child with this guy? I would seriously be so embarra__sed to say anything if I were you, how could you do that to yourself? Honestley, go find a guy that you like... see if he likes you... get to know him, and STAY WITH HIM. IS IT THAT HARD? You must be totally stupid if none of those 27 guys want to be with you, like completely stupid. Have fun looking at your child and thinking which one of those men heshe looks like... that is if u even saw them long enough to remember what they look like.


why ya'll act childish - April 16

first off my name is not tisha and I know who my baby's father is, but still I don't think it is right for people to bash other people. She didn't come here for that. Why do girls have to be such birds TASHA THIS IS FOR YOU. I'M SURE U FEEL BAD ABOUT THE SITUATION. DON'T DO IT AGAIN, BUT HOLD YA HEAD UP HIGH AND LOVE YOUR CHILD, BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU ALWAYS KNOW THAT'S UR CHILD. F THESE PEOPLE IN HERE. GOD BLESS U



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