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trjnrstlr07 - June 24

ok here the deal she started taking birth control pills... and its coming up on her first full month of taking them, it coming around that time of month when she has her period and she just started to always need to go pee ... Im concered but a lil confused because I dont know if its sighns of the pils or not I have looked at symptoms of the pill an being pregnant and thats thonly sighn that is odd please some one help is she pregnant?????????????????


lilmomma88 - June 25

no probably not... having to go to the bathroom often doesn't really happen until the baby is big enough to sit on your bladder. (around 25 weeks pregnant or later) so i wouldnt worry.


Grandpa Viv - June 25

More frequent peeing is one of the possible early signs of pregnancy, but the pills could just as well be to blame. I hope you read the instructions for the pills and used a back-up method for the first month if suggested. Good luck!


lilmomma88 - June 25

dude you dont p__s alot until the baby sits on your bladder!


jas - June 26

Actually, lilmomma - that's incorrect. One of the first signs of pregnancy is having to pee alot more because of the hormone changes that are taking place. Happened to me with both of my boys. It goes away after the first few weeks and then returnes when the baby is on your bladder...


Kay - June 26

Yea its true peeing alot is an early sign of pregnancy! :)


PrincessesMom - June 27

My first child was concieved when I was taking the pill correctly and my second child when I was on Depo. If you are not ready for a baby, you shouldn't have s_x, PERIOD!


EricaLynn - July 2

I agree with Jas, actually I am 15 weeks pregnant and I just stopped running to the bathroom every five minutes a week or two ago. Once it was so bad that I actually wet my pants! So it is me.


MaMa 2 B - July 3

Ok well for one u pee lots during the first few weeks....i'm 13 weeks along and still running to the bathroom and second i was also on my first month of birth control when i got it is def. possible! just be careful if ur not ready for a baby



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