Need Baby Clothes

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LaurenandAtticus - February 25

Hi, most of you know I've been on this site for a while now, and that I wont jip you out of anything and I am no fake. Anywho, I have TONS of baby boy clothes and unis_x clothing that no longer fit my son. I am giving them away for FREE. I also have some Maternity clothing that I'd like to give away for free also. All of his clothing that I am giving way he has only worn once or not at all. They are all Carters, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Winnie-The-Pooh, Bon Bebe, and so on. So if you are interested you can e-mail me on yahoo my SN is d0rksicle or you can IM me on AOL/AIM at scabbedxstar. Or you can leave a message here. Bye now and good luck with your babies! LaurenKaylyn<3


RLWilcox - February 25

I am interested, I will email you, hopefully you will get it.


LaurenandAtticus - February 26

All right, if you e-mail at Yahoo you might be able to reach me easier. But I am also usually online on Yahoo and AIM, mostly AIM though. Thanks for the reply on here!


Noodle - February 26

I just want to tell you, i think that you are doing such a lovely thing. You are a very generous person and i just wanted you to know i admire that!


LaurenandAtticus - February 26

Thanks so much for that, I know how hard it is to buy baby clothes when they are just so expensive and when you are low on money. So I thought I'd offer some help to girls who need that. Once again, thank you!


BabyGirl15 - February 26

Hey lauren! I think thats so nice of you to do so. But for the best interest of you and your son, I was thinking you should go to a babyfair . . . not sure if you have anything like that around where you live. But where i live theres functions that go on inside of schools or at recreation centres where you can sell baby stuff and i mean anything. I've gone to quite a few, and there always packed, and people make such good money, and well why give it away for free when you can sell it for cheap, to also people that are in need. And make some money for your son and you. Anyways i just thought it would be a good idea for you. Or you can even advertise in the paper 'box of clothing $100' if u wanted. I think you should be definitly making some sort of profit tho. Bank it, for when your son needs a toddler car seat or just anything you want. G'luck hun xo


LaurenandAtticus - February 28

Hey hun, haven't talked to you in a while! How are you? Babyfair? Hmmm I will have to look at up here. That sounds nice too. I will check to see if we have anything like that here. I have so many baby clothes and baby stuff... I mean it is crazy. I got so much stuff from relatives and from Atticus' side of the family things are so piled up. I am talking I'm stuff stuff in boxes and laundry baskets. My whole closet is taken up, I don't even have any room for my clothes. It's insane. So I will probably end up giving up a lot of it for free, and then probably selling some. I just know how it is to want to get all the cute baby stuff you see and not have enough money for it. So I thought I'd help out anyways. Things are going a lot better for me and Atticus, we are doing so well now. He's a great baby, fussy sometimes but amazing. Thanks for checkin in! <3


LaurenandAtticus - February 28

Stuffing stuff* Haha..sorry it's 8:44 in the morning I'm sleepy =P


LaurenandAtticus - March 1

Just FYI, I've already found someone who wanted the baby clothes.



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