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roxysurfer94 - December 3

well im on birth control. my boyfriend and me had s_x with a condom as well but it broke, he said he didnt come but there could be pre come right? i got off my period saturday or sunday, had it for a full week. we had unprotected s_x thinking i couldnt get pregnant but he still pulled out. should i stop taking the birth control just incase i am or what? im kinda scared about it and my dad knows whats going on and he said he will support me no matter what happens. my boyfriend doesnt want a baby at his age of 17, but im only 14. my grandmother had my mom at 16 i believe then my mom had me at 18. its too soon to know if i am, i plan on taking a test 2 weeks from friday. how early can you get symptoms?


Jezebel - December 4

i'm surprised your supportive father didn't tell you that you have a better chance of hitting mega millions than you do of being pregnant. it is very difficult to get pregnant from prec_m and insanely improbable if he pulled out AND you are on the pill. just relax. you're fine.


V9653 - December 4

She's right. Do you understand why you are on the pill. If you are taking it regularly like you are supposed to there is like a 2 percent chance of pregnancy, but that's like if an egg slips through (which the pill keeps your body from releasing eggs) and you got your period which means that you aren't pregnant. Who prescribed the pill to you? Because they should have explained to you how the pill works and why people take it. Taking the pill and using a condom is a great combo for someone of your age and with what sounds like your boyfriends lack of enthusiam to take responsibility for his own s_x life and the possible consequences. There are that 2% of women who get pregnant on the pill-I'm one of them and I never missed a pill but you had back up with a condom, yes it broke but you are talking about the slimmest of the slimmest of the slimmest chance of conception, but you got a period and the next time you had s_x he pulled out and I'm guessing you are still taking the pill. So no, you are not pregnant. Go ahead and take a test if you want, but I'd bet 100 dollars you are not.


iona - December 4

Does this mean your father is also supportive of you having s_x as well....are you fornicating in your home? Yikes



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