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Nikki0888 - February 9

I am 17 and just found out that I am pregnant. Most of my family knows but I have not told the daddy or his mom yet. Just today I went to the bathroom and there was some discharge. It was a reddish brown color but it only appeared one time. Now when I go to the bathroom it isn't there but I have been having slight pains in my stomach. I have my first doctors appointment on Monday. Could this be signs of a miscarriage or what is going on? And also... any advice on telling the daddy? We are not together anymore so this complicates things but we were together for 3 years and I am very close with his family. Please help!!


maren - February 9

I wouldnt be to worryed about the discharge. The pains in your stomach are most likely because your uterus is starting to stretch and expand. As far as telling the dad, well honestly the only good way is to flat out tell him. If your comfortable meeting him to tell him and if your not then maybe just give him a call. Depending on how he handles it then you both can tell his parents or what ever you both decide as far as telling his parents.


frankschick2001 - February 10

Don't worry about the spotting. Spotting every once in a while throughout pregnancy is fairly common. If you are early on, the cramps could be your uterus expanding. That causes cramps/pain/discomfort. You'll find out more when you go to the doc. They could be signs of a miscarriage too, but don't worry. Miscarriages can also have NO symptoms at all. A miscarriage like that is called a "missed abortion". Anyway don't tell the fatehr yet until you find out that this is not a miscarriage. If everything is OK, then I'd tell him right away.


Nikki0888 - February 10

Thank you so much. It has went away and hasn't come back and the pains went away so I'm doing pretty good right now. I am due in September. Are there any others out there that are due around that time and would like to talk? I know I am telling the dad face to face because it doesn't seem right over the phone. Thanks for the advice.



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