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Jessica - August 16

i'm 16 yrs old and scared i'm pregnant. My b/f's friend raped me at a party and i'm scared to death. i'm scared to go the police or tell anyone cuz i dont want them to know that i lost my dignity. i'm scared that my b/f wont believe me or if he does, he'll kill his friend. this happened 3 and a half weeks ago and i'm 3 weeks late. He didnt use protection and i'm not getting any signs yet really except ive been throwing up but that could be from just being scared after i was raped. My b/f's friend took me into this room and locked the door, it was so loud that no one could hear me scream so i didnt have a chance of getting away. What do u think i should do?


Tanya - August 7

Oh honey, so sorry that happened!! Is there anyone you can go to for help, maybe an aunt, or a girl cousin, if you are too scared to tell your parents. you need to the police, I know you are scared, but you really need to do this, if you are afraid of what yourb/f will do, don't tell him alone, make sure you have some one you trust with you, like maybe a rape counselor the police give you, you also need to take a test. Honey there is no way your parents could possibly be angry with you, it wasn't your fault!! You are probably are just stressed, that probably why you haven't had a period. you are most fertile somewhere between 12-16 days after your period, is it possible that you could be pregnant, from your boyfriend? Had you had s_x with him prior to this happening? Also One more thing, it is too late for a RapeKit, so it will be your word against this guy!! I wish you the best, I am here fro you if you need to talk. God Bless Let me know what you do!


Jessica - August 7

I could go to my cousin shes 21, but im scared to. I know i have to go to the police bout this but i'm nervous. I know my mom wont blame me for this, if anything she will stick by me. ive only had s_x with my b/f once but he used protection. thanks a lot tanya for ur advice ill keep u updated im just really scared and confused right now.


Jessica - August 9

i didnt tell my cousin i was raped but i did tell her i might be pregnant so she bought me a pregnancy test. i'm so scared becuz it came out positive. My whole world is collapsing what do i do? i'm not sure when i should go to the police?


Shorty - August 9

I would go to the cops asap..... and I am sure they will be able to refer you to some type of councelling in regards to what you went through. Please don't feel like you are going through this alone. I am sure the police will be able to help you piece together what happened and see what can be done. Babe, if this happens again to you or to one of your friends, get them to go to the cops first thing, I know its scary but that way its done. With the preg test, I would go to the docs to confirm the pregnancy, as tests can give a false positive reading sometimes. You do have options in this, and it will be okay. lemme know how your doing k.


Jessica - August 12

I told my b/f today and he is so supportive and very angry at his friend at the same time. He said hes goin to stick by me were going to tell my mom together tomorrow then she will take me to the police


Shorty - August 12

Jess, I am so proud of you for making that step. Now you know you are not alone. Just hang in there and you will be fine. Take care girl!


tell - August 12

You see how scared you are, if you don't tell the police he is just going to do it to another girl. Don't let anyone use you like that and get away with it. Please tell. Not Only for you, but for the other girls who could be in risk.


hiya - August 16

i no how hard it is i had mine aborted, but please don't do that until you have considered all of the options and it is something you will never forget. even though it is a rapists baby it never asked to be there did it.


Suzue - September 16

my friend was raped but she doesnt know how to tell her mum. now shes found out that she is Pregnant



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